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    Artists open up John Peel's historic vinyl collection (y) :) (y)
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    Record of the Year 2020

    Witch ‘n’ Monk - Witch ‘n’ Monk (Tzadik) (y) (y)
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    The Center Blows Itself Up: Care and Spite in the ‘Brexit Election’

    Very interesting stuff about care vs. administrator class politics by David Graeber: And with a very accurate assessment of centrism in the 2019 election:
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    Janis Joplin

    I've never really taken much notice of her and right now that seems to be a mistake. Any recommendations on what I should listen to?
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    Great Repeal Bill

    well that's good news anyway :)
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    stay logged in

    where's the function for this now? I have to log in every time at the moment :slanted:
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    can anyone recommend any good books? :)
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    Chris Harman RIP :( a proper old school lefty
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    Alternative TV

    I always thought that the later (post Action Time Vision) stuff was bollocks, MP and crew basically just twatting about. But checking it again now (30 years on), it seems really good. :)
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    Pope puts stress on gender roles stupid old nazi :rolleyes:
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    Subvert Central Vol.3 - DJ Trax, Macc, Fanu, Atomhead, Nubian Mindz, Formication

    Subvert Central Vol.3 LP! the third in the series of SC non-profit 3x12" vinyl compilations is now on sale this time it's a multi-genre extravaganza with 14 tracks, comprising over 90 minutes of music featuring: DJ TRAX - This One / The Tribe \ CRYME meets DJ TRAX - Throwback ATOMHEAD -...
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    Atomhead, Fanu, Formication, Macc, Nubian Mindz, DJ Trax

    a 90-minute mixed genre extravaganza forthcoming as SC Vol.3 (3x12" vinyl) on Subvert Central Recordings tracklisting: Atomhead - Cyclotron / Betatron / Psytron Fanu - Children / This Behavior is Not Unique Formication - Catastrophe in Blue Macc - Mean Streets / Mr Mitcheson's Rhythm Method...
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    another leftfield dnb non-profit DIY vinyl EP

    Subvert Central Vol.2 a second non-profit 3x12" vinyl EP is now available for purchase tracklisting: Fracture & Neptune - Visions of Amen / Clouds over Memphis / Visions Sileni - Another Track / Random Bullshit / Daytime Jackhammering Uzhas - Soulkast / Dissident - Taiga soundclips at DOA...
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    rer megacorp christmas sale

    I just got all these for £70 (incl. postage): AMM - Ammusic Biota - Invisible Map Biota - Object Holder Helene Breschand & Francois Jean-Pauvros - Sombre CMCD - Six Classics Chris Cutler & Zeena Parkins - Shark! Chris Cutler & Fred Frith - Live in Moscow, Prague, etc. Dama Dama - 2 Tod...
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    varied musical podcasts

    anybody got any links? :) ours are here... there's a fair bit of dnb, but all sorts of other stuff as well I did a post punk podcast: tracklisting 01. Scritti Politti – Scritlock’s Door 02. Cabaret Voltaire – Silent Command 03. The Fall – Crap Rap 2 / Like...
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    Martin Hannett

    I've been listening to some Joy Division and it was dreadful couldn't think why I ever liked them now I've just listened to Unknown Pleasures and I remember why it's because of Martin Hannett the meaty bass, the reverberating drums, the vocal effects, the noises and somehow Barnie gets to...
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    rules for group improvisation

    Play fortissimo, never repeat the same phrase, and don't listen to what anyone else is doing. — Masayuki Takayanagi :D
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    check this stuff!! :D
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    dnb and The Wire :rolleyes:
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    Sub Rosa - Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music

    just got Vol.2 today: Disc: 1 1. Incantation For Tape - Wladimir Ussachevsky + Otto Luening 2. Visage V - Luc Ferrari 3. Song - Tod Dockstader/Aerial 4. Music Of The Spheres - Johanna M. Beyer 5. Mandolin - Morton Subotnick 6. Four Aspects - Daphne Oram 7. Emily - Robin Rimbaud/Scanner 8...