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  1. woops

    Tristan Arp

    I've gone to watch this bloke last night it was good, music made almost entirely out of drums sounding really fast although the BPM was maybe 125, done on percussion pads and some modular stuff I was twice as old as anyone else there but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    RIP Vangelis

    This man will always be a legend to me for the blade runner soundtrack, sad to hear he's left us.
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    A STAGGERING CONTRIBUTION TO ENGLISH LITERATURE A ONCE IN A LIFETIME ADVENTURE IN WORDS THIS INCREDIBLE POETIC ACHIEVEMENT CAN NOW BE YOURS FOREVER!!! Don't miss the chance to own the first major publication by the finest wordsmith of his generation. Brought to you by WORD TRADE
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    I'd define an aphorism as a short sentence which is true without necessarily being literally true. Nietzsche is a good example of an epigrammatic writer in that his most striking thoughts were put in a single sentence. A joke is the epitaph on the death of an emotion, stuff like that.
  5. woops

    What brought you to this forum in the first place?

    Speaking for myself I was told about it by @bunnyhausen in 2003, signed up and have been here ever since. How about you? What led you to waste so much of your life in the company of a load of needy idiots?
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    Finger length query

    Any one have a rough idea what is an average or above average finger length for a man asking for a friend Someone l know claims to have "monster fingers" which is causing me anxiety obviously I can't ask to measure another man's fingers I asked my girlfriend about it she said she likes my...
  7. woops

    The Tarot

    It seems a safe bet that everyone here will have messed around with a tarot deck to some degree or other. @suspended and @luka both revere the deck designed by the Great Beast 666. @suspended to the extent of drawing a card every day. @DannyL is also an adept. Before we performed a santeria...
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    how many pints can you drink?

    just answer the poll, don't discuss breweries
  9. woops

    i'm drunk

    i like it
  10. woops

    are you a rebel?

    well? i know for sure i'm not
  11. woops

    happy birthday evergreen daze

    just getting this thread in with minutes to spare, hb Jim
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    further attention london

    I've booked a table for 6 at a pub called the Duke this thursday at 7pm THE DUKE IS LOCATED AT 125 CREEK ROAD, LONDON SE8 3BU The nearest train stations are Deptford (British Rail) and Greenwich (British Rail / DLR). The buses that serve the pub are 108, 188, 199. WE LOOK FORWARD TO WELCOMING YOU!
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    attention all london dissensus

    right you lot we need a day this week and a venue for luke's birthday and the 2021 meeting of the dissensus london contingent. we can't let those upstart yanks enjoy a weekend spearing trout from a canoe in the midwest without mounting a UK-styled, brexit-spawned congregation. @mixed_biscuits...
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    Corpsey's corpsepaint metalhead thread

    In this thread @Corpsey will detail his exploration of the metal genre. From humble beginnings listening to Tool, he will recreate himself as a connoisseur of heaviness in real time, as we cheer him on.
  15. woops

    who do you think is good at scratching

    personally i've always thought geoff barrow makes it sound uniquely terrifying starts about 2 minutes in.
  16. woops

    welcome back to luka thread

    Dissensus poster and occasional painter and decorator, hallucinogen researcher, illuminatus, conspirator @luka will return from his 30 days self-imposed wilderness (aka Poplar E14) / quarantine tomorrow so I make this thread for him to post in.
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    99.999% of the time I scroll past the youtube clips on this forum. Im here for the text really and I rarely have headphones with me or whatever, and even when I do I can't get excited about what people are posting (reasons entirely of my own by the way, not an indictment of people posting...
  18. woops

    post the view from your window

    lockdown special. kebab shop and mosque, very new 5g tower just visible at left pillar box and cute old VW bug style car out of shot at the bottom over to you?
  19. woops

    Sonic sound Synthesis

    Tonight at 8 we inaugurate a new program on the Neon Hospice all about music made on modular synths. Each week we will present recordings made by a top player of these strange instruments For the first instalment we have Design a Wave of Alien Jams fame in a double bill with me aka Extractor...
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    oMMM - re animator vol 1

    fans are begging for the re-release of the album re animator vol 1 by underground artist oMMM but few are aware many of the tracks are already freely available in video form the gifted director 4eva nao has vanished into the ether but before doing so he made the following visual accompaniments...