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    My Bloody Valentine: Part 1: What happened?

    Oh come on now, Kevin's production work on the last Primal Scream LPs are amazing, some really incredible sound wizardry going on - especially the track ACCELLERATOR which is indescribable. Also, his guitar work on their Japan-only live album was pretty bloody impressive as well.
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    1981 Box Set

    I don't see an ethical problem - unless someone is losing out (ie a punter gets the 1981 box and doesn't buy an album because of it) then there is no harm and only good can come of it. plus, the circulation we are talking about is not going to be affecting anyone's pockets. this project seems...
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    1981 Box Set

    let us know if you do any good! i'd love to get hold of a copy of this beauty
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    vietnam vets and dark disco

    whoops, fuck, when i wrote 'iraqi soldiers' i wasn't even thinking of the poor iraqis... seems like everyone understood tho
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    vietnam vets and dark disco

    sorry to go slightly off-point here - does anyone know what drugs iraqi soldiers are doing? presumably not psychedelics? painkillers? ecstasy? what kind of music is going to represent this period in films made in 15 years time? instead of 'the end', i suspect our 'apocalypse now' will feature...
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    Michael Haneke

    i would consider that a derogatory comment. certainly not one i would apply to one of my favourite directors, such as haneke.
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    Bands/Artists with a PERFECT SOUND

    Bohren I'll agree with, although they don't necessarily work on every stereo system, some better mastering could be in order there. As for Primal Scream, Screamadelica has an amazingly perfect encapsulation of its particular sound, beautifully executed. And their last two albums have some of...
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    Bands/Artists with a PERFECT SOUND

    primal scream. velvet underground. joy division. bobby o. coil. cannibal ox. the birthday party. kompakt records. oh fuck, i'm a goth.... EDIT: I'll add Autechre circa EP7 and Tricky circa Pre-Millienial Tension.
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    Soul Jazz Records

    Russell Haswell is fucking awesome, he is just too cool for anything... Anyone want to tell me more about him? What's he do when he's not on the radar?
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    de "Reissues Marketplace"

    thanks for keeping us informed, all looks great!
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    M.I.A. what is the big deal?

    Quote: M.I.A. what is the big deal? So why start a new thread? Do a search...
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    riko joins the blogosphere!

    hahaha! very good.
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    What PostPunk has RIU&SA make you drolly over?

    Just picked up Tales from the Australian Underground - after looking for months, I found it for twelve aussie bucks in JB HiFI! - yeah, obviously the focus is garage, 'cause thats what Australia made mostly, with the exception of young Nicky C and his mates. But there was one standout track for...
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    Minimalism in Hip Hop

    "This is another... exclusive... John Cage production... 4'33" reee-miiix!" and there'd be some Lou Reed beef dis tracks. I wonder what the skits would be like? I'm guessing silence.
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    Minimalism in Hip Hop

    Minimal? I wanna hear Snoop rolling on Alva Noto.
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    hip hop question

    Dre is 40, man. Fuck.
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    hip hop question

    Motherfucker stole my line! And Roscoe is like 22. Has 3 kids I think! That's gangster.
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    Books About the Manchester Scene

    24 Hour Party People is basically the film, told in Tony's words, with an added smattering of fact/honesty (but who can tell?) and written REALLY ATROCIOUSLY. I mean, BAD. Thank god he owns a spellchecker, pity it can't improve metaphor, pacing or vocabulary.
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    Minimalism in Hip Hop

    My fave minimal hiphop ('side from my man MANTRONIX) will always be the Clipse's "Grindin'" and Roscoe P Coldchain's "(This Beat is) Hot". Both Neptunes, both fucking sick. I'm glad that 'Drop It' made it so big, but do people agree that there's a general trend at work here...? I kind of thought...
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    hip hop question

    Aside, that is, from most major rappers, such as Eminem, Puff Daddy and Jay-Z, all of whom are well into their 30s, along with a vast number of others. Even Juvenile is over 25. Come on, guys, don't lazily label hiphop a young man's game just 'cause they're all thugged out and blinging fresh...