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  1. mixed_biscuits

    Wordle but with old school jungle
  2. mixed_biscuits

    Free Will

    Do you think we have it?
  3. mixed_biscuits

    Battle Rap

  4. mixed_biscuits

    Poem Cover Versions

    Pale nimbus, friendless I did err A sad puff, skystuck o’er the scene When suddenly I spy a burr A bunch of lily-pals serene Fast by lake, beneath the willow All the e’entide gust does billow Strung on as do the garland lights That sparkle under midnight’s roof Self-neighb’ring in unending...
  5. mixed_biscuits

    gnarled hands

    Any manual labourers on the forum? What's it like?
  6. mixed_biscuits

    Diss-ensus Soundclash

    This is a safe space in which we fire self-produced diss tracks at each other without anyone getting killed further down the line.
  7. mixed_biscuits

    Grateful Dead Bootlegs

    Anyone willing to back the Tories' rationale when we soon get locked down for a mild cold?
  8. mixed_biscuits

    Best in Class

    Need help to build a list of the best in each genre: garage: Todd Edwards rock: Oasis gabba: The DJ Producer skullstep: Lucio De Rimanez psytrance: Shpongle rave: The Prodigy prog metal: Opeth heavy metal: Iron Maiden dub, lounge: Fat Freddie's Drop jazz: Miles Davis post-punk: The Police...
  9. mixed_biscuits


    Earthing (grounding) refers to the human body being in contact with the surface of the Earth by barefoot exposure outdoors or using special indoor systems connected to the Earth. Previous studies have showed multiple beneficial effects as a result of such contact, including better sleep...
  10. mixed_biscuits


    Has anybody here got any experience of launching a product/business etc? Have come up with an idea and a friend of mine, who is an entrepreneur, has offered me the chance to 'lead a team' (of ppl he knows) to take it to market. :eek:
  11. mixed_biscuits

    How to learn to read another language

    I've cracked it. :cool: 1) the first bit is the hardest: work through a basic primer in the target language - older books are better as there is more of an emphasis on grammar. This is just to get a feel for the basic structure and to be able to spot verb tenses, conjunctions and prepositions...
  12. mixed_biscuits

    Are you an owl or a lark?

    Early to bed, early to rise, or the opposite?
  13. mixed_biscuits

    How can we ensure that superintelligent AI doesn't terminate us?

    Never been to one of these before but might make an exception tomorrow: Suppose that humans succeed in understanding just what it is about the human brain that makes us smart, and manage to port that over to silicon based digital computers. Suppose we succeed in creating a machine that was...
  14. mixed_biscuits

    Continental Philosophy PhD Topic plz

    If you were to do a Continental Philosophy PhD, what topic might you direct your energies towards?
  15. mixed_biscuits

    Acoustic Electronica

    Are there any acoustic instrument-only bands that play music intended to sound electronic? Just realised that this question might lead to some really godawful music involving jazz drummers playing drum and bass and beatboxers. Abort! Abort!
  16. mixed_biscuits


    Sure, this suit promises much - allowing the lame to walk again, rescue workers effortlessly to pluck survivors from earthquake wreckage, construction workers to toss girders one to another - but I feel a little uneasy about this project, I don't know why...
  17. mixed_biscuits

    non-ipod mp3 players

    I'm finally giving in to peer pressure and getting an mp3 player to supplement my gash AWAI walkman and bulky CD player. However, I want my mp3 player to be able to do certain things: - work with Windows AND linux (specifically, ubuntu) - not take over my hard-drive and corral all the media...
  18. mixed_biscuits

    Musical Universals

    Even isolated cultures understand emotions conveyed by Western music
  19. mixed_biscuits

    Personal remastering

    Is there anyone out there who touches up the music that they have bought? I've been thinking of putting some stuff through my audio editor, hoping to ameliorate it through judicious EQing.
  20. mixed_biscuits

    The Most Unwanted Song

    Probably old news, but hey, the operatic rapping is something else: The most unwanted music is over 25 minutes long, veers wildly between loud and quiet sections, between fast and slow tempos, and features timbres of extremely high and low pitch, with each dichotomy presented in abrupt...