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    Yer mum

    This should make for an interesting discussion: What of your music does your mum like/tolerate? Mine is kinda unpredictable - when we're in the car, she loves anything by the DFA except 'Beat Connection' and 'Losing my Edge', she especially likes the Black Leotard Front record. She can't...
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    INA-GRM / Musique Concrete recommendations?

    Yes, I'm fishing again :D ... I have a feeling that I should be listening to some concréte (or acousmatique etc). I really haven't delved at all, to tell the truth - its such a self-contained and forbidding world that I'm not sure where to start. Parmegiani keeps coming up, and what I've been...
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    Earl Blaize on the boogie.

    Missing persons notice: Where is he now? Earl Blaize's sonic imprint was unmistakeable. He was the magic ingredient in Antipop Consortium - their work without him was fair-middling at best. So when they broke up and it was said that Blaze would work with all the separate elements of APC, I...
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    Breaking News: RZA completely jocks Wiley

    A RZA-produced hiphop track from the soundtrack to Blade: Trinity (which he also scored) uses the Wiley signature 'Ice Puck' sample! For those who want to hear, go download Lil' Flip - I Gotta Get Paid ft Ghostface and Raekwon Now maybe someone can clarify - has RZA sampled Wiley or has he...
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    The Fairlight CMI

    I watched a perfect Fairlight CMI IIx go on ebay for $6000 the other day, all the while crying softly to myself. Quite aside from its incredible historical significance in being the first (? certainly first purchasable) sampler, it had an incredible sound that contributed a great deal to the...