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    Please trainspot the hardcore song in this - it's doing my head in.

    Aaron Spectre '1600 Penn, FTW' I cannot figure it out and google isn't helping
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    Guru - in a coma post-cardiac arrest. Sucks. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param...
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    I now live in Singapore. I've got 2 kids etc but I'm sure someone on here must have come through and found something cool at some point... Any hot tips?
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    Best Oi! band

    I'm a huge Hard Skin fan too - their stuff just seems faster and more enjoyable to me.
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    Boston - tell me all about it

    Thanks guys - that's pretty helpful. Especially that stuff about suburbs Peter. The kids aren't school age yet, but they will be in a few years (the older one anyway) and I wouldn't want to get established somewhere and then have to move for the schools.
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    Boston - tell me all about it

    I currently live in Melbourne, Australia but yesterday had a job interview for an internal transfer to Boston. I have no idea how likely or unlikely this all is, but I applied more or less because I felt I ought to with no real expectation of it happening and now think I should do some thinking...
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    How does PITCHFORK work?

    See, I don't mind pitchfork. And I do have exposure to Pitchfork fans - I sit next to a very nice person who uses it as her music bible and listens to almost nothing but annoying, insipid indie rock. But they have some good columns, cover some interesting music and this was genius...
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    My Fellow Americans - Blogging The Primaries, Take 2

    Huh. I haven't been round at dissensus much recent, but found this all on my own. Great blog! been my man source of reading about the US elections actually...
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    NAPHTA - "Long Time Burning" CD NOW ON SALE

    Yup, mine arrived in the mail last week after I ordered it on Eden's recommendation. Haven't had much of a chance to listen yet, but loved what I heard!
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    When did Australians become hated?

    The whole refugee issue here really stirred up a lot of dislike for Australia overseas. Coupled with the pretty well known plight of the indigenous population, there is a widespread perception that Australia is a racist nation. I'm not sure if that's what causes it in the UK, but a friend of a...
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    Tattoos- Help Needed

    That guy really likes Earth Crisis that beats out the guy I know with drug free accross his neck 10 to 1...
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    Kanye West - Late Registration

    I think that's an understatement.
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    How much do you drink?

    I drink mostly when I'm out and on the weekends at home. I drink sometimes at home during the week as well (a glass or two with dinner). If I'm at home by my self in the evening I'll often have a beer or three while watching telly/playing xbox/listening to music. So I guess I drink a fair bit. I...
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    Kanye West - Late Registration

    Decent beginning, decent end. Terrible, terrible middle.
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    RIP Tony Wilson

    Ah, that sucks. :o
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    Modern d'n'b is rubbish - tune ID and a moan from an old man

    I'll probably pick this up. I've always liked Intelex and the fabric mixes tend to be ok. Plus it has no pendulum on it. I haven't heard that tarantula track that was being discussed at the beginning of the thread, but in general I think pendulum are pretty much the exemplar of whay recent DnB...
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    Your most tenuous or absurd claims to fame

    Oh yeah - I stayed in Ian MacKaye's sister's house once...
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    Your most tenuous or absurd claims to fame

    Over the last two years there have been people in the Australia Big Brother house who are friends with people I vaguely know. That's about as tenuous as it gets I think.
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    Tattoos- Help Needed

    If you think it's mainstream to have a tattoo, try having obvious tattoos (and tattoos of a serious size) in a 'respectable', mainstream job. Anyway, don't know London tattooists, but some general points. 1) I've never met anyone who didn't think they should have probably got what they got a...