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  1. J

    hall of shame: garbled expressions

    from the warranty document of my car: "If the vehicle has been modified or changed in a manor not authorised.." with correction: "in a manner" (wankers)
  2. J

    The Kinks

    I LOVE The Kinks. I love that "Picture Book" track that gets used in that HP advert. Actually i love the HP advert too (So what?!? I respond to it. I'm not a bit of meat circulating the planet in a tin can) I love "Stop Your Sobbing" I love "Victoria" Weren't The Kinks one of Lester's...
  3. J

    Google these cats are up to some evil stuff. gmail sounds like a terrible idea! apparently they're going to rifle through your emails for commercially useful information. the cunts. also the sheer horror and revolt i felt at the claims on their masthead. "we dont wear suits" so...
  4. J

    Happy Hardcore on Eruption FM

    I heard a set by DJ Voltage on Eruption FM this weekend. I was washing the dishes, and his set, well it lifted my poor damp and down-trodden soul. My little heart lifted at the ultra-caucasian cheesiness of it all. All those Essex girls in histrionics, in the past Ive HATED all that post Ardkore...