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    lout music

    An interesting small thread running through the UK rock industrial complex in recent years, that loads of people seem to get a lot out of (this stuff is pretty popular).
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    uk comedy is in a nadir

    it is
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    Public Hanging of Bastards and Thieves - Gallowstree Common - 8th May

    Please RSVP on Eventbrite so that we can organise the catering. Alcohol will be served but you are welcome to BYOB (within reason). Festivities will commence at 7pm with a speech from the Mayor of Reading.
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    The London Review of Podcasts

    Was shattered yesterday and listened to, I don't know, about five episodes of Red Scare, something which I hadn't listened to a lot of before. A few reflections on it and on podcasts as I don't see another place. One, it's surprising that it works at all, given that at first its essentially...
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    the internet

    have you ever been on it? do you like it?
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    My Libidinal Drives

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    arty experimental shit:
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    music writing that feels like a relic from the past: a repository

    probably not that surprising that stuff written about 20 years ago feels old, but do find it pretty interesting how quick the norms change. in the below there's a lot of that, but i guess the most notable one is that it would have been possible back then to do the thing, like in the article, of...
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    the size of your dick: gossip, slander, lies etc

    I hereby note that the popular conception of the size of different people’s dicks follows closely racial stereotypes, in particular how different ‘races’ are conceptualized sexually. I also note that the one time I looked for actual data on this I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t exist...
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    what new york looks like

    as a man of letters and an intellectual, who has also listened to a podcast about D&G, and who has spent a huge amount of pandemic time with not much to do except wander around nyc, i've ended up thinking a lot about what is going on in terms of what broadly you could call the visual culture of...
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    shaka hislop goes somewhere

    getting on a train and a plane today lads
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    what's wrong with slowcore?

    i think its good
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    The Melancholia of Class

    I'm reading this book at the moment
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    things that were acceptable in 2012 that wouldn't be acceptable now

    i just wanted a badger-baiting title to make a single point about nick cave. specifically that this album artwork, from 2012. i reckon that nick cave has a reckoning coming at some point anyway, but for the time being the guardian and all the arty people still, as we would say at school, 'bum'...