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    ben ufo b2b brackles - standard place rinsefm warmup - tracklisted and archived

    bit of excitement in the run up to our b2b at standard place on july 31st Dam Funk - Black Jimmy Edgar - B There Kleeer - Tonight SWV - I'm So Into You [Teddy's extended mix] M - Flo - How You Like Me Now (Todd Edwards RMX) JME & Tempz - CD is Dead (Mickey...
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    XLR8R podcast #137 1. Mad Mike feat. Davina - Don't You Want It (Happy) 2. Cassy - Endless Endeavour (Cassy) 3. Afefe Iku - Body Drummin' (Yoruba) 4. Untold - Anaconda [Guarachero refix] (Unreleased) 5. A Made Up Sound - Alarm (Forthcoming A Made Up Sound) 6...
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    Hessle Audio show Rinse.Fm archives - first show up 18.02.10 thanks to everyone that listened in, any IDs you're after post them up here the file names wrong on this one, Pangaea was there too
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    The final Ruffage Session - 4 hour archive + tracklisting

    big thanks to everyone who listened over the three years 1. Floating Points - People's Potential [Forthcoming] 2. Instra:mental - Let's Talk [Unreleased] 3. Andrés - Take Off [Moods and Grooves] 4. Wbeeza - All Those Beats [Third Ear] 5. Burial and Four Tet...
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    Mix for Why Not? - tracklist inside 1. Mosca - Nike (Forthcoming Night Slugs) 2. Lighter - Skanker vs. Work (Unreleased) 3. Untold and Roska - Myth (Unreleased) 4. Deadboy - If U Want...
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    Ben UFO - Ruffage Sessions 26.11.09 archive

    this was the blunted robots warm up, was one of the better shows post up for track IDs
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    Ben UFO b2b Pangaea - Ruffage Sessions 12.11.09 archive post up for tune IDs
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    ben ufo b2b bok bok - ruffage sessions 29.10.09 if you want IDs let me know
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    Ben UFO - Ruffage Sessions 01.10.09 archive
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    Ruffage at Wire, Leeds - 30.09.09 with Oneman, Pangaea, Spamchop + promo mix

    We're going into our last year. It's been wicked, we're going to make the most of the ones we've got left. Here's a short mix I put together to push the night or to download 1...
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    Ben UFO - Ruffage Sessions 24.09.09

    haven't put one up in a while so here's last weeks anyone wants any IDs let me know
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    Ben UFO b2b Untold - Ruffage Sessions 30.07.09 archive

    was a wicked show, really enjoyed it big up hanif on the recording no tracklist yet, maybe later but it includes two world exclusives (lol) from untold
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    Ben UFO - Ruffage Sessions 09.07.09 archive

    thursdays 8-10pm 1. Samiyam - Rough Copy 2. Busta Rhymes - Everything Remains Raw 3. Killah Priest - Almost There 4. Mike Slott - Home 5. J Dilla - Make Em NV 6. James Blake - The Bells [Draft] 7. Greena - Tenzadocd - Forthcoming Applepips 8. Tonya...
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    Ben UFO - Ruffage Sessions 02.07.09 archive

    every thursday 8-10pm some more weirder US and european house at the beginning of this one the last ten minutes has some cool stuff too 1. People at Night - Verdict [Portable remix] 2. Terry Hunter - Monopoly [Kenny Dope remix] 3. M. Pittman -...
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    Ben UFO b2b Pangaea - Ruffage Sessions 25.06.09 archive thursdays 8-10pm come to fwd>> tomorrow, i'll be on first 1. Underground Solution - Luv Dancin' [Extended vocal] (strictly Rhythm) 2. STL - Something Is Raw (Something) 3. Aaron Carl - Wallshaker (Wallshaker Music) 4. Omar S - Busaru Beats...
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    Ben UFO - Ruffage Sessions 4 hour show archive 18.06.09

    bit of a marathon show, very enjoyable. don't take the last hour too seriously, i was just throwing stuff on 1. Soundstream - Love Jam 2. Hard House Banton - The Music 3. Pearson Sound - Wad 4. Jus Ed - Get It Off My Chest 5. Kode 9 vs. Lee Perry - Yellow...
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    Ben UFO, Oneman + Asbo - Ruffage Sessions 14.05.09 archive

    funky, garage, snatches of bassline and dubstep catch us every thursday on 8-10pm
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    Ben UFO - Ruffage Sessions 16.04.09 archive +tl

    many thanks to the chatroom crew, kept it hype yesterday 1. Scott Garcia - Music Takes You 2. Tuff Jam - Dangerous [Unda-vybe vocal] 3. Baffled - Dreams 4. 24hr Experience - Jazz From The Heart 5. Dimensions - Chief [Steve Gurley...
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    Ben UFO - Ruffage Sessions archive 09.04.09

    really good session, was fun being able to build a set over the 2 hours like this. spot the dissensus producers in the tracklist every thursday 8-10pm 1. 1+1=3 - I'm On Beat [Hyped on E mix] (Cutting Traxx) 2. Kenny...
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    Ben UFO covering Bruk Radio 17.03.09 catch bruk radio every saturday morning on from 11am-1pm really enjoyed this session, all the way through. there's a small cut towards the end as one of the tunes i played wasn't supposed to be recorded 1. Tuff Jam Experience - C'mon Let's Dance...