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    Please trainspot the hardcore song in this - it's doing my head in.

    Aaron Spectre '1600 Penn, FTW' I cannot figure it out and google isn't helping
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    Guru - in a coma post-cardiac arrest. Sucks. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param...
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    I now live in Singapore. I've got 2 kids etc but I'm sure someone on here must have come through and found something cool at some point... Any hot tips?
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    Boston - tell me all about it

    I currently live in Melbourne, Australia but yesterday had a job interview for an internal transfer to Boston. I have no idea how likely or unlikely this all is, but I applied more or less because I felt I ought to with no real expectation of it happening and now think I should do some thinking...
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    Where should I eat in London?

    What's good food wise in London? I don't mean the flash restaurants, but I've heard English food is pretty terrible so some suggestions for places to stop while out checking the chops and museums and stuff would be great. I've been told to have a curry in the east end, but that's not super specific.
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    Best DJ Premier tracks

    A friend and I were talking about DJ Premier tracks on the weekend and I realised I probably know next to none of his stuff. Anyone got any tracks they'd recomend? NY State of Mind is clearly a stone cold classic. Any rarer stuff?
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    Anyone heard the new Basement Jaxx?

    I like the Jaxx but I've neard next to nothing about this new one. Is it any good?
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    The crappest part of your job

    I am currently sitting in a conference exhibition hall on the Gold Coast of Australia at an Agricultural Economics conference. It is a Sunday and this is the second day of the conference. I set up the booth yesterday between 6-8am. My job is as a publisher of academic journals for a major...
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    Hong Kong - Nanjing - Beijing

    So, I've got to go to these three cities for work in a week and a half. any advice? I suspect I'll have very little spare time anywhere except perhaps a half day in Beijing. I've spent quite a bit of time in Hong Kong, but not for years so if any one has any 'must see' suggestions, then let...
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    The new Streets track

    So despite being told by one firend that it made her want to cut her ears off, I'm finding my self actually quite liking the new Streets track 'When You wasn't Famous'. Silverdollar slags it in his new blog too. So am I mad? I thoguht it was shit the first time I heard it, but now I'm sort of...
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    Grime article in Australian newspaper

    Here. Pretty terrible article actually and you can still barelyever find grime in the shops in Melbourne but it was on page 5 of the Sunday paper, which is fairly prominent for a sound with next to no local influence.
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    Ripping RealAudio streams

    So I want to get a copy of The Bug's show in Breezeblock so I can lsiten at my leisure. Any advice on ripping the stream?
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    Front page problems

    Anyone else getting wierd front page bizniss? Everytime I come here it has me logged out. So I log back in and it still tells me I'm logged out at the front page, but then when I click through to one of the forums, everything else is normal... Is this just me?
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    Good audio file converter?

    Hi all, I've got a bunch of ogg vorbis audio files I want to turn into MP3s. Any suggestions for a good free or cheap programme to do this with? Preferaby it'll allow me to batch convert.
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    Good RSS Feed reader?

    Any one got a good one?
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    PC Heads - PCIe or SLI graphics?

    So I'm going to start building a new PC this weekend, and I was thinking of picking up th case and motherboard tomorrow. But That means I'll have to make a serious decision: Should I get PCIe or SLI for graphics? This, for a variety of reasons, will probably be the PC that lasts me for the...
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    Blogging tips and tricks - anyone got any?

    So I've started blogging, but haven't had much time to make my blog my own yet. I'm going to be redesigning the damn thing once the semester is over I suspect, but in the mean time I was wondering if there were any little tips and tricks to organising blogs people would like to share? I'm...
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    Run the Road 2 - what's it like?

    Anyone heard it yet? I've heard a few tracks on 1xtra and they sounded pretty good. And how do the lash and Sway etc tracks work in it?
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    Bashment vs Dancehall - what's the difference?

    Captain Easychord asked in another thread what the difference between these was. I'd like to know to. Is it that bashment is an English think, whereas Dancehall is Jamacian? Is that were the distinction lies?
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    Essential iPod hacks etc

    Alright, got given an iPod (thanks Mum!). The silly things HD is as big as my home PCs HD, so I'm running it off my work computer (G5 iMac) till I get me a new PC later this year. But in the meantime, is there any essential hacks or whatever to get for the mac to help make my iPod better?