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    Truthfully you need to be going in hard for the rate change or jumping ship if you can, it isn't going away
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    Saw a bottle of olive oil for £9 in Morrisons the other day
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    Yeah about 9% isn't it. The issue will be further exaggerated for us as the pound is still fucked against the dollar ofc Argentina will be the third crash in twenty years if they manage it. Think they've been talking about The Argentine Paradox since the 60s though to be fair
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    Petrol has dropped 15p in a week. Shows how its been normalised over the last few months as i read 1.71 yesterday and thought oh thats cheap
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    The Coming Authoritarianism.

    If you remove the vaccine nonsense from the discussion i think you can summarise current situation by saying there are huge parts of the world's population- & this is not just a uk/us problem- who do not feel represensented by any mainstream party and thus begin to coalesce around other totemic...
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    COINBASE for Crypto has come

    Archive link for us thieves I always admire the graft even when it goes wrong but it does sound like these are really in the shit Dubai as the crypto costa del sol is pretty interesting
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    'Charter cities'

    I dont think you or the the Baker Street Herald have a clear understanding of what the freeport project is actually doing or how it is directly affecting these areas. The freeports will act effectively as a deregulation area and allows areas in the UK to become Singapore on the Thames (or the...
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    'Charter cities'

    DP World sponsor the golf, so you can get some quite well made "DP World Tour" hats if you want to "here's a paper... which proves without ANY doubt" Er not quite
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    'Charter cities'

    Yes P&O are huge knobheads But where does either of these links (refugee cities & linkedin) discuss interaction with P&O?
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    'Charter cities'

    Yes Can you explain to me where this details Freeports on UK ports becoming Charter cities full of refugee workers. As opposed to a link to a california firm and a lad on linkedin Which is your inferrence and that of the thread
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    'Charter cities'

    Finally - a good left-wing conspiracy. A freeport is very different to a private ungoverned citadel full of refugee workers. I have irrefutable proof to back this up 100% but i can't give you it. Follow the links to my unsourced blog. What's the difference between these unevidenced twitter...
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    'Charter cities'

    I saw Wirral Waters described as one on twitter today, which is not factual in the slightest; so i would maybe take it with a pinch of salt
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    Pervert Of The Day

    there were also a great number of people defending this on twitter after a tory mp slagged it off, but clearly doing so without actually reading it. lot of deletions once they clocked, i think a good summary such a weird world
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    Industrial Action

    The novelty of political opposition eh Its mad that these people seem so radical
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    Fuck London

    The food is probably better now Clubs far worse
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    A Brooklyn Culture Mafia

    i must thank you both for bringing this current episode to my attention
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    Choon of the Day, redux

    it's sunny
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    the house Renaissance

    The drums in Video Clash are from an Ensoniq Mirage, go to electronic drums in this video Also Strings of Life
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    The Coming Authoritarianism.

    Let's add this pile of shit to the narrative I'd have ended up in bin if this was going on when i was in school