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    Bruk Radio on SubFM 21.1.10

    BRUK RADIO 21.1.10 house of many styles feel free to post or message for track IDs
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    Bruk Radio 03.12.09 - House

    hi everyone, hope you're all good here's the recording from last week's radio, some of you might enjoy it very much hypnotic tuff and odd house, loads of fresh stuff if anyone wants IDs please just get in touch :)
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    [Bristol] Tape meet Bruk @ Lab // Sun 19 April // £0 entry

    MONO TONIC present... TAPE vs BRUK Sunday 19th April LAB (ex-Arc Bar) 5pm-late FREE ENTRY
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    Nature's Great Events

    has anyone been watching this? the one about the sardine run was next level awe-inspiring, just watched that last night. but they've all been so wonderful, some of the most beautiful hours i have experienced in recent times all the ones broadcast so far are still on iplayer for those UK-based...
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    [Liverpool]: Dreadnought with Mak10 elgato Submerse & more @ The Picket - 7 March

    DREADNOUGHT_13 @ The Picket 7 March 10-4am £5 DJ MAK 10 (N.A.S.T.Y. / Deja / Rinse / Pyro) ELGATO (Bruk / SubFM) SUBMERSE (L2S / SubFM) PHIL HP (High Pressure) HIGH PRESSURE SOUNDSYSTEM The Picket 61 Jordan Street, (off Jamaica St) Liverpool L1 0BW
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    Bruk Radio feat. Ben UFO - SubFM - 24/01/09

    Bruk Radio with Ben UFO - SubFM - 24.01.09 - house & garage 3 and a 1/2 hours strong in the mix! out to Roko for the overtime ;) SubFM - Bruk Radio feat Ben UFO 24/01/09 - Deep Inside - Hardrive - Madness Of It All - Swing 52 - The Bass Girl - Hardhouse - String Symphony - George Morel -...
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    Bruk Radio 17.01.09 - house & garage

    SubFM - Bruk Radio 17.01.09 some old some new, loads of styles any ID requests just let me know :)
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    BRISTOL: Bruk

    UNITED VIBES (Exhale, LHF, SubFM) Bruk
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    Serato second hand

    does anyone know how much of a risk buying serato second hand would be? is it any more or less liable to run into trouble than your average bit of hardware?
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    USB/firewire -> PCMCIA converters?

    i have an Echo Indigo I/O which i was using for my pc laptop, which is now deceased i now have a iMac, which has only usb and firewire... is there any way for me to use my old card with my mac? any help would be very greatly appreciated :)
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    Bruk @ Take Five Cafe, Bristol - Sat 29th November

    ________Bruk________ Saturday 29th November Take Five Cafe, Cheltenham Rd Bristol 10pm-4am ----- £3 entry ----- loophole soundsystem ----- DJ Mak 10 (Deja Vu, Rinse, Freeze, Pyro) Bruk
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    Cover Show for Ruffage Session 04.09.08

    Cover Show for Ruffage Sessions on SubFM 04.09.08 this was very very enjoyable, out to everyone who locked and who will lock in retrospect! nice one to the Ruffage crew for the slot elgato covering for Ruffage Sessions 04.09.08 - Aaliyah - One In A Million (Atlantic) - DJ Mitsu The Beats -...
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    Places to buy reasonably priced prints in London

    Places to buy reasonably priced pRints in London does anyone know any good places around London to buy prints at reasonable prices? im interested in particular in finding places selling more design-based stuff Magma is probably worth checking, although im not sure if they sell prints. but...
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    LDN - Fri 30/5 - Weight Watchers - LD, Reecha, Elgato + residents - FREE ENTRY

    should be a fat one, apparently the venue is a small, nice pub with a good system and intimate dancefloor, entry is free plus LD is one of the best things to happen to the London dubstep scene for a fair while imo i'll be playing house, garage, dubstep and stuff come along!
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    LDN - 2May - MMMmeetBrukII - Cameo Cotti Heatwave Portable Darkstar Untold ++

    MAN MAKE MUSIC meet BRUK --- Corsica Studios Friday 2nd May 10pm- 5am £5 MAN MAKE MUSIC present dancehall - fidget - dubstep - grime - bassline Heatwave (Soul Jazz) DJ Cameo (1xtra) Skull Juice Cotti & MC Slickman Man Make Music DJs DJ Exel (Deviate) BRUK present house - garage - techno -...
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    Bruk Radio - Sub FM - Saturdays 11am-1pm

    Bruk Radio HALLOWEEN SPECIAL THIS SATURDAY 11am-1pm BRUK RADIO HALLOWEEN SPECIAL THIS SATURDAY 31st OCTOBER expect ghoulish garage, ghastly grime, horrible house and terrible techno, and the best in dreadful dubstep LOCK IN FOR SPOOKS CHILLS AND GIGGLES (CACKLES) 11am-1pm WWW.SUB.FM in...
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    LDN - 29/3 - MMM Party

    Man Make Music M.Y. Party Sat 29th March somewhere out East 10-7am ROOM 1 (Abacus Soundsystem) Chef (Fwd/ Rinse) Oneman (Standard Place) L-Vis 1990 Martelo Casper C MMM DJs: Sketchy, Another Amit ROOM 2 (Loophole Services) Nathan Fake (Live- Border Community) Noel Mas (MMM)...
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    bitTorrent clients

    whats the deal with these? are some 'better' than others, and if so why?
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    Castro's resignation and Cuba's future

    In case some people haven't seen it, Castro resigns as Cuban president (see also here) I feel that this is a very sad day, and I am finding the responses of the US, UK and EU sickening
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    NYE in London

    Does anyone know of anything good happening in London? For parties preferably in an illegal setting... theres this Joyride thing which looks decent, but I have yet to come across anything that gets me going fully...