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  1. J

    Sun Ra at OTO

    yes I'm finally going to see the arkestra, has anyone else seen them lately? has there been a sun ra thread before, whats your favourite record, at the moment mine is Holiday For Soul Dance........
  2. J

    Robert Aickman

    Just read all the faber re-prints of Robert Aickmans short stories. Totally amazed that he is so unheard of, amazing stuff, what does anyone else think?
  3. J

    Green Parakeets Migrate East

    A recent siting of Aratinga Holochlora in Springfield Park north east London has confirmed my suspicions that the Green Parakeet has moved east from its usual habitat of the western reaches of the Thames. I had heard its ubiquitous cawing for some time now without an actuall sighting. Only time...
  4. J

    Joy Orbison

    Its all about that Joy Orbison 12" right now no ? Am i too late or has there been any discussion on this, there's a mix online that is wicked. Luke if your out there check it, its sick.......... :p
  5. J


    apparently this is the sound of the new free party scene for crustie toffs in the south east, can anyone tell me how the subtlties of psytrance differentiate it from the good old shite trance of yore :p
  6. J

    La Monte Young on E-Bay

    You never see these records ever !!!! unless your matt
  7. J

    Wolf Creek

    This film is truly terrifying but then I am a big scaredy cat, if you want to get freaked out then watch it late at night on your or with a companion. However what is more terrifying is the real story that the film is based on. This is the case of Ivan Millat and the 'The Backpacker Murders'...
  8. J

    Hotel California

    Highly readable book (did it in two days) by Barney Hoskyns about cocaine in the canyons, no mention of Linda Perhacs who perhaps produced the best Topanga Canyon record. Captured the mysterious space in Hollywood at the time that I'm a sucker for but at the same time exposes the monstrous...
  9. J


    I watched 'Theorema' by Pasolini this afternoon before my nightshift, I honestly found it very disturbing and hilariously funny in places, does anyone else have any thoughts on this curious film. (music fans should note it has delicious score by Morricone/Nicolai).
  10. J

    Geoffrey Jones

    Stunning but slight dvd of work by this guy out on BFI dvd. Editing and music incredible and light years ahead of it's time. Hard to imagine corporates like Shell commisioning such abstract work to promote their brand now. Daphne Oram contributes 'electronic editing and effects' to 'Snow' ...
  11. J

    Dragonfly picture

    check out this picture of a dragonfly that I took, I think you'll agree it's wicked, macro lense bizniss :) </br><img src=""></br>
  12. J

    London Under London

    Mark K Punks psychogeographic odyssey through Londons lost rivers is repeated tonight on for those who missed it first time round.
  13. J

    Dental Bills

    I'm in some pain right now with a wisdom tooth that is crumbling and a swollen gum. Went down the dentist and registered, that was 25 notes straight off the bat, now they tell me i need two fillings, the tooth removed, probably at hospital at the earliest september. So I'm like have you got...
  14. J

    Riko smashed it at Heatwave

    Thought I'd be the first to say this seeing as i had to get up and go to work this morning. What a great night, good vibe some fine ladies and an awesome set by Riko who has to be one of the most animated m.c.'s I've ever seen, Wiley was there to but he didn't get on the mike. Can't wait for the...
  15. J

    Crumb @ Whitechapel

    Crumb exhibition on at Whitechapel is pretty good and it's also free. Lots of early sketches etc, I really like the covers he did for 'Weirdo' magazine, wonder if you can still pick these up for reasonable price? The Polish amatuer film makers thing on the ground floor is also quite good.
  16. J

    Congolese Music ?

    Listening to Resonance this morning around 7'Oclock they were playing some awesome Congolese music, not sure from exactly which decade, poss late 60's early 70's judging by production. Anyway it is my new favourite sound and the best music to start the day with. I have only scant and obvious...
  17. J

    Cocksucker Blues

    I saw this Rolling Stones film last night at the Tate Modern, it's definitely the best rock film ever. Obviously the Stones had no control whatsoever over the editing as it shows them in a way I've never seen before. The shambling meat headed lost it ness of this 1972 tour footage is literally...
  18. J

    Palais Schaumberg

    Can anyone enlighten me more about these. I just read something quickly and it sounds incredible, Maurtzio involved etc wow ! Where can i get hold of this?
  19. J

    Napoleon Dynamite

    This is a funny film, it's a bit like Rushmore crossed with Ghostworld meets Revenge Of The Nerds. The lead character Naploeon looks like someone you would see hanging out in Hoxton but without the irony and wears these incredible snowboot/trainer hybrids. It's basically an attack conformity in...
  20. J

    Black Dog Rarities

    Nick the Record has rolled out some new stock today. There are some hardcore Black Dog plates up for graBs if you feel like re-mortgaging your house. Naturally some of you will have them already and can just gloat at the heaviosity of Nicks prices. I succumbed to my desires and bought a mint...