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    effective altruism

    someone i know works in one of the EA organizations and from what I understand they've had a Reformation-like split between the people who want to distribute mosquito nets and water purifiers and the people who want to upload human consciousness into the cloud
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    the absolute best choruses hooks of all time

    i'm in the corner watching you kiss her oh-ohhh
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    In solidarity with Library Genesis and Sci-Hub
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    game one was a classic but really hope the rule changes next year help beat back the unhittable bullpen vs dingers-only offense thing
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    they'll never get me to care about a combined no-hitter
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    B OR Z I O I

    hi luka. just poking around the old haunts.
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    Stuff Version Might Like

    version i was flipping thru positively 4th street at the library today and i saw thomas pynchon quoted (!) a bunch of times. is this the only interview he's given??? did this dude sit down with tp under the condition that they just talk about richard farina? whats the deal.
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    from erik davis's newsletter today:
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    Most true to the spirit of Reggae/Dub Reggae and NOT from Jamaica

    you're allergic to the california sun over there in wet grey england so i get it
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    what are you reading now?

    i've got that one on hold at the library despite not enjoying the short story collection or essay collection of his that i tried to read. idk what keeps me coming back to him. but i assume the russian stories will be good at any rate.
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    Most true to the spirit of Reggae/Dub Reggae and NOT from Jamaica

    this is not so far off from super ape or heart of the congos
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    Most true to the spirit of Reggae/Dub Reggae and NOT from Jamaica

    in terms of space and echo and the feeling of a presence through absence i think this stuff comes close. jamaican vocal groups like the mighty diamonds and early wailers took a ton from doo wop and r&b also ofc. i am a huge reggae fan and these are two of the most beautiful songs every recorded...
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    The Meaning of Japan

    the quote on my copy of spring snow is like this. this novel is as delicate as a sushi stoic as a samurai complex and multifaceted as the shin megami tensei series of videogames...
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    what are you reading now?

    idk if there's a wolfe contingent on this board. there really should be though.
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    what are you reading now?

    nah gene wolfe!
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    what are you reading now?

    i'm reading pale fire. it's alright. i really liked lolita but this one feels too much like it's trying to impress me. it's like being forced to eat a whole birthday cake. before it i read the fifth head of cerberus which did the same unreliable narrator thing in a much less ostentatious way...
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    ginsberg is not someone i would defend from his detractors but a supermarket in california will always be one of my favorite poems. gary snyder's translations of han shan are also very important to me and led me to pound etc. to me the beats are great when they're a conduit for a more...
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    Random book quotes

    opening of red harvest.
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    Train riddims