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  1. slowtrain

    Pointless But It Does My Head In

    Haha lol! NZ colloquialism gets me caught out again. Haha no there is no shit involved, although as a theoretical "people will pay for anything and find it sexy" scenario, sure, why not.
  2. slowtrain

    African Sci-Fi

    Too true, but surely there have been other people who've taken the tropes and run with them in the last, what, like fifty years?
  3. slowtrain

    African Sci-Fi

    Sorry to hijack this thread, but I actually came here to search for some info, and it seems there is only the front page visible in this section of the forum. Does anyone have any good recommendations for, not neccessarily African, but anti-/non-racist sci fi (movies)? I've been watching a few...
  4. slowtrain

    Pointless But It Does My Head In

    I never realised it until I was talking with a girl who makes extra cash a cam girl online, but there are some SPECIFIC kinks out there man - like getting paid to cut up leaves and shit in yr undies
  5. slowtrain

    Dissensus Raw Productions

    does anyone know any chillwave / "post-witch house" / grimes who are interested in buying a sick 90s throwback rap instrumental i found on my hdd (and cannot remember making) based on the goospebumps theme song
  6. slowtrain

    Dissensus Raw Productions

    a track that i made: some sort of off-techno thing, idk!
  7. slowtrain

    Kava Kava

    It makes me really really sick. Dunno why.
  8. slowtrain

    Google's neural networks see things that aren't there - awesome computer acid art

    Hideous stuff - found it speedy and didn't have any visuals until I was trying to go to sleep. So yes actually I guess I was begging, because I was dead tired and I had a headache.
  9. slowtrain

    Hipsters: Scourge or Irrelevence

    I think that it may also be the case that there have always been a number of different types of people, who have only recently started to get unanamiosly lumped together as 'hipster' due to a few similar characteristics (cultural middle class youth affectations i guess)
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    yeah true
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    It's fine, but all leafy greens are pretty much interchangeable tho right? Kale = Spinach = Beet Greens = Cavolo Nero = Silverbeet = whatever
  12. slowtrain

    Part-Time Punks: Are Amateurs Ruining Dance Music?

    In Heavy Metal this approach has always resulted in the best records (as is proved once those bands get some money for good production and churn out OTT symphonic evanenscene crap), so fingers crossed.
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    Yeah LOL, i never even thought of that. Interesting
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    The Outsider Disco Thread

    Just bumping this thread (which should really be much bigger!) with some tenuously disco greatness, Sondra Prill. I dont know shit about her really except she was apparently a big miami public access tv thing?? This is my favourite though (her cover of 'Pump Up the Jams' for the beach):
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    The great BEER VS. WINE fight!

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    and a big FUCK OFF!!! to all sweet chilli sauces, that stuff is so terrible, too sweet, terrible texture, no heat, just bad all around. srirarcha is good too, but dont bother getting the 'proper' stuff - you can usually get a big bottle of generic / cheap shit for about $2, does the same job...
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    jarred salsas suck except for this one:
  19. slowtrain

    Acid Techno

    Oh wasn't disagreeing with that - just disagreeing with the idea that it got shittier once it lost the 'utopian' aspect (although I can imagine that that would hold true for the parties)