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    I'm enjoying the sound design on it - definitely has a more contemporary feel than many
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    Great music from crap towns

    Ray Keith was born in Colchester
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    King Midas Sound

    Anyone look to go to the King Midas Sound gig at the Bishopgate Institute on Friday. I gather KMS pulled out due to wanting to play louder than the venue would allow. Enjoy feeling the sound although after hearing the sound levels when Leyland Kirby, it did leave me thinking how loud KMS were...
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    Is great on paper although not so sure it would make for great television
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    Ten Dam looks like something out of a zombie film
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    rolling tv thread

    The Killing remake not looking promising
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    rolling tv thread

    Anyone checking out Danish series The Killing on BBC Four? Am enjoying it
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    rolling tv thread

    Working my way through Our Friends in the North television series
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    Who is doing the Dunwich Dynamo tonight...looking at giving it a go, presuming back holds out
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    what are you reading now?

    When the Lights Went Out Finished this whilst on holiday and its been the most compelling non fiction piece I've read in a while
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    Funky/London/UK House

    For those people keen to catch Petchy somewhere other than Pacha, looks like you're now in luck
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    Music documentaries

    Starting watching this last night and so far so good...
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    Best Christmas Records Ever.

    Haywire Xmas Show Can remember Weatherall doing a Xmas show on one of the old now defunct internet radio stations (Pulse?) and I can remember rather fondly a hip hop track he played that was rather lewd, humourous and definitely Xmas themed. Been on the watch out for it ever since but each Xmas...
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    Sleeves of the Decade

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    Todd Edwards

    new Todd Edwards mix
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    I tried Mafia wars for a while which is Farmville's less peaceful cousin...I found it painfully addictive with constant checking of Facebook for the opportunity to complete tasks. Eventually went cold turkey...