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  1. chava

    Deep Electro

    Deep (although I believe we should try to skip that word from now on) = 'sparse' to me I guess. Melodies are something to be very skeptical about when doing dance music in my world anyways. Some of the stuff I regard as deep and used to play, with a little bit of melody/basslines:
  2. chava

    Wuhan Killer Sneeze (thanks Tea)

    Coming from Scandinavia this seems so strange to me. In Denmark all restrictions whatsoever has been lifted for a year now, now to mention that they were comparably lax to begin with. I can't help to think when I rarely see a person wearing a mask that they must be either Asian or...
  3. chava

    if New York can die so can London

    Probably a very cultural thing. I imagine Tokyo being much quieter than NY for instance.
  4. chava

    the house Renaissance

    Says a lot about music critics. Maybe they should have skipped their "critical studies" classes and studied some proper music theory instead
  5. chava

    mnml/tech house with the sickest, most insane sonics

    wonder if this will ever get trendy again like more or less anything from the 80s/90s has. have quite a lot of this laying around ...
  6. chava

    Just Architecture

    Same as Copenhagen (because of fires and the British Navy). That's no problem. If is was after WWII it would have been a modernist hellscape.
  7. chava

    Just Architecture

    It's all over the place now. Blame Rem Koolhas and the lot
  8. chava

    Just Architecture

    Horrible examples in this thread, apart from the Bolivian dude. Now I'm getting older I have realized that Roger Scruton was basically right; 99% of everything built after WWII and 75% after WWI are done in some kind of psychosis. It is really is incredible to comprehend. Ricardo Bofill La...
  9. chava

    a cartographic expedition into ambient

    Just want to share my favorite album for the last 2 years, William Selman's Musica Enterrada. This is not usually my thing; too organic, a bit too wishy washy synths, too "composed", but for some reason this just stuck. It also has a hint of 4th world aesthetics, which might be why I fell for...
  10. chava

    When Belgium Ruled the World

    And this media appearance made quite an impact (at least in the francophone countries) :
  11. chava

    When Belgium Ruled the World

    I like him. Great to see chanson-style singing is back in the charts
  12. chava

    The good IDM thread

    I like this obv not the fiddly rhythmic stuff, but the chords are nice. I prefer IDM to be muzak-like I guess
  13. chava

    "Why do bankers love techno?"

    This take was hot among mainstream music journos back in the early 90s.
  14. chava

    "Why do bankers love techno?"

    this thread needs to be closed otherwise I'll start posting endless boring techno clips
  15. chava

    "Why do bankers love techno?"

    I should be triggered by this
  16. chava

    Antichrist! Dugin on Negarestani

    Apparantly Darya Dugin was in a band named "Dasein May Refuse". Appears on this comp which seems ehh interesting I guess:
  17. chava

    Deep Electro

    This is another electro track which I consider deep (mainly because there are no melody or strings sounds, not really a bassline either). One of those few tracks that rewired my aesthetic circuits when I first heard it as I had a few years in the mid 90s where 75% what I heard was akin to a...
  18. chava

    Deep Electro

    Oh classic for me. My favorite advent tune
  19. chava

    DJ Mixes by You (and me)

    personal favorite at the 1 hour mark! nice!!
  20. chava

    what music do/can you no longer return to?

    EBM, even though it seems to fashionable again. D.A.F. excepted tho Some of the minimal techno from the 00s sounds a bit meh now, but I haven't disregarded it completely Everything from the 90s is still holding up