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    Competition: Find m9886688899881's New Name

    On the shortlist so far: - acid man: who doesn't like acid? - K-raner: it's a nice salute to Mark Fisher (or a derivate-Craner?) - sun lotion: alludes to sun and holidays, there is some appealing optimism to it Anyway, I will privilege really short nicknames, without all too many puns. That's...
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    Competition: Find m9886688899881's New Name

    Wow, this is of an immense kindness. To be honest, I like most of the suggestions so. Not very keen on the bodily fluids, but the rest is great stuff. I like especially the idea of being named and then getting to chose one. That's like the best of two worlds. I'll make up my mind later. But in...
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    Choon of the Day

    Thank you for the suggestion! I agree: I thought that a name change required agreement of our digital overlord-admin and probably some high-end database-magicks. But now I see that I could just let this account die out and start a new one. Any suggestions for snappy names?
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    Choon of the Day
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    The replayables

    I had this on repeat for a dozen times or so today. "here in this desert, it's just the same thing over and over again..." There is something strangely satifsying about this track. Can't quite put my finger on it. It has many things I usually do not like (like...
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    Dissensus Monickers

    I've been wanting to change mine for a quite long time, to be honest. Since I suspect it might be strongly discouraged to change monickers (for very comprehensible reasons), I keep this unpronounceable sequence of numbers. But I would sure love to get rid of it.
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    recommend something hard, machinic, rhythmic and psychedelic A bit short on the psychedelic, but still.
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    recommend something hard, machinic, rhythmic and psychedelic

    I'd imagine this is rather a classic:
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    recommend something hard, machinic, rhythmic and psychedelic

    He put out some amazing stuff, I agree. This comes fairly close to techno indeed (and even seems to acknowledge it):
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    recommend something hard, machinic, rhythmic and psychedelic I am really more and more getting into this kind of stuff. Industrial, but not the all-out testosteron type; tribal, while avoiding exoticity...
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    Choon of the Day

    The whole EP is ace and so is the label, really.
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    How do listen to music?

    Although I have quite nice speakers and good headphones, I listen to music almost exclusively on Apple's earpods. They're the only ones not giving me audio fatigue after an hour or so.
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    Choon of the Day

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    The droned and the saved

    I reluctantly ended up buying nothing at all. I already have the Imperial albums and Tannenbaum and could not picture me sifting through hours of noise. There is a moment at which sheer abundance becomes repulsive, apparently. A thought that never crossed my mind before, at least not regarding...
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    What's the last thing that excited you?

    Artists who attempt a systematic effort at a specific theme or problem, like the musical exploration of memory (Caretaker) or scales (Perala's colundi experiments).
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    Choon of the Day

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    The droned and the saved

    113 releases for 20 bucks is really nothing. Question is if I can bear that much Drumm.
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    Billie Eilish

    I was about to post a similar thread but then didn't. The newspaper had a review of her tour in Belgium, praising her refusal to subscribe to a single genre. I saw the same argument yesterday, in a record shop, used to praise a compilation ("no genre is the best genre"). Could it be that the...
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    New Stuff

    Much of what AW does, is really great. The Fantastikoi Hxoi stuff too.