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    Wuhan Killer Sneeze (thanks Tea)

    Can't meet up with people in pubs either. Although the messaging on that wasn't clear initially.
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    every song that sounds like this ever made

    I was thinking of The Rapture (and DFA, and whoever else) as antecedants rather than an example. Like, the indie tastemakers in the weeklies start getting excited about angular twitchy disco punk no-one really buys it but then a few years down the line the slick drivetime version is on in the...
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    every song that sounds like this ever made

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    every song that sounds like this ever made

    There's kind of shades of Yacht Rock to all this, I think. Can we say Yacht Indie? Or Indie Yacht? Mundanely, doesn't it all probably traces back to that late nineties early 2000s post-punk / disco-punk hype / post-Oasis backlash? Maybe crossed with the impact of uncanny valley surgical...
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    Dinner of the Day.

    Black salt's a subcontinental thing, I think. Goes into chaat masala, for instance. You wouldn't put it on your chips but it adds an interesting extra dimension to reasonably strongly flavoured things...
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    I always think of Tristam Shandy - Uncle Toby with his scarps and counter-scarps, demi-lunes and covered-ways....
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    We also stayed in the mountain hut that's sat in a notch of the frontier ridge above Ludwig's mountain summerhouse - that's a relatively modern building, but still has some strong Game of Thrones energy:
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    We went to a couple of the smaller Ludwig II gaffs when we went to Bavaria - Lindenhof and the little mountain bolthole that I can't remember the name of. Amazing places but Neuschwanstein looks next level. Ludwig was an interesting character, too - mates with Wagner at the point where Wagner...
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    In case anyone was in doubt that this shit is a grift: childrens' magazine apologises to billionaire JK Rowling after she threatens them with legal action for saying that her comments "harm trans people"...
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    depressing/sad jungle & dnb

    Similar vibe, different era. Subvert Central rettles:
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    depressing/sad jungle & dnb

    Can't remember whether Raime and/or Fact are cancelled around these parts, but this mix from 2011 is a halfway convincing picture of an alternate history where jungle went goth. A fast car cutting through the Shinjuku rain at night, a glimpse of tear streaked eyes in the back seat, you know the...
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    Reservoirs and dams, large bodies of man made water

    Is there a bit about them in Naked Lunch? Or somewhere in Burroughs, anyway?
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    The fine tang of faintly scented urine.
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    Simon Reynolds

    I love how twenty years down the line, Energy Flash still acts like some sort of lightning rod for angry thick people.
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    I think I might have started there, too. Maybe if there was a culture clash in the old days, it was between people who were primarily here to talk about music and didn't mind the discussion getting a bit heavy on theory, and people who were primarily here to talk about theory and saw the music...
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    Noise Nutters

    I'm not up to speed enough on scenes and structures to know how much of a general thing this is, but I always find it weird that when we go out to see some sort of ear-splitting racket, it's always either sex / power / death / magick weirdos - maybe in their slightly more dignified old age now -...
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    Keir Starmer

    Out of interest, has anyone from Left Twitter attempted to rationalize the pivot from "it's shocking that centrists are attacking the party leader rather than putting their personal politics aside to focus on beating the Tories who are Literally Worse Than Hitler" to "lol Starmer he's a bit...
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    The sexy pendulum

    Yeah, true. Although in some sense that's still a drift away from the original core audience. I guess nuumology locates the nuum in a sort of niche-populism, and you can drift out of that zone in two ways. It's like the way that Island-era Bob Marley shifted orders of magnitude more product than...
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    The sexy pendulum

    Is it partly just a drift-then-reset thing? Like the natural tendency of competitive producers and MCs is to get more and more "for the heads" and drift away from utilitarian Friday night club beats, until eventually the Friday night clubbers get fucked off and move on to the next thing. Not...