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    they took the hermetic church from us

    and we're going to take it back. no man separate what we create. unstoppable worldwide mob figgas... death row at its finest
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    best threads where we flesh out concepts?

    i'm trying to gently nudge a budding weblabel away from creeping directionlessness and nurturing trends in it that feel like they converge naturally w shit we discuss here. i'm having a difficult time summing it all up. i need links to it all. dematerialisation, djinnology...
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    fatal vag/dick in brain disease (fvibd/fdibd) discussion thread

    the exercise of veto power (or a violent coup) by the endocrine, sympathetic-nervous and digestive systems united against the brain and its officiating priest. discuss.
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    the barbarian ideal

    well shit ok since no one seems to give a shit about this i'll try something looser, nonspecific. the barbarian ideal in your life. communists are barbarians. civilisation presupposes a much longer history of high culture. it all goes in here... discuss.
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    space for my spitballs on esoterica (yours too)

    third and luka this is your place to shine currently studying fuckloads of this kind of literature + stuff adjacent/contextual to it. want this thread to center on afro-asiatic, indo-iranian and indo-european esoterica bc of my own bullshit cultural bias but if u can link it other stuff ofc is...
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    tunes like culture - two sevens clash?

    stuff which has an apocalyptic, relevatory resonance but a triumphant feel. apocalypse as revelatory, civilisation ending and not *world ending*. this is my mood right now. "i can see with my own eyes it's only a housing scheme that divide" you absolutely do not have to limit yourself to Roots
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    longform synth jams?

    post yr favorite 10 minutes+ synth jams (or just stuff that's caught yr ear recently) trekking from central asia to europe in the migration period
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    'chillwave continuum'?

    some things i sent in a discord group chat stoned and listening to live skaters (i'm aware that 'chillwave' started as hro making fun of volcanic tongue): "also wish people more eloquent than i were verbalising 'the chillwave continuum' in retrospect i think its mutation reads roughly that...
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    could use criticism of the music i've been doing so far?

    i want to do something intentionally different (but not entirely discontinuous) in the coming decade and also maybe get into music writing based off this experience, but could use some outside perspective on what broader themes arc across all of it, and what trends in 2010's music and things...