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    Kate Bush: The Whole Story - VHS Cover Scan?

    Does anyone out there happen to have a copy of Kate Bush: The Whole Story on VHS? And, if so, would you be prepared to scan the cover for me? I have damaged my copy and I would like to restore it as best I can... Let me know if we can come to some kind of arrangement.
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    Stockhausen Documentary

    On Radio NZ Concert right now... Three-part series, available for download afterwards. Hosted by Robin Maconie.
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    An SF Book I Can't Remember

    There's this book in which the characters reach an alternative dimension by parachuting from a plane flown over the sea, at precisely the height at which the motion of the waves becomes invisible. They are then (I think) able to alter the reality they've left behind - somehow. I think about...
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    RIP Tony Curtis

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    Bill Wyman Signature Metal Detector I think this is quite nice.
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    RIP Floyd Raise a glass to Keith Floyd when you get a chance...
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    Printable Solar Panels
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    Nanotube Speakers

    This is pretty exciting. It will probably be even more exciting in ten years' time when the tech becomes commercially viable. How will new speakers look? Or not look, more to the point. I can see this being extremely useful for making speakers disappear...
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    RIP Eartha Kitt
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    MediaDefender Leaked E-mails

    Have you guys caught up on this yet? From Meanwhile, geeks are buzzing over an extraordinary leak: six months' worth of internal emails from a company called MediaDefender, running to more than 6000 messages. MediaDefender works for major copyright interests, including...
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    messages from the runout groove

    In the mood for Sunday morning eclectica, I just played New Order's Brotherhood, and noticed that in the runout groove with the pressing details and stuff, whoever was behind the press had written 'See an Old Soldier Right' on the a-side and 'More Juice Please' on the b-side. Throbbing Gristle's...