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  1. mvuent

    Can you be too old for music?

    its really good too. idk if any elements are reused from previous efforts. but listen to the gradually descending quasi-vocal sound around 2 minutes in! beautiful.
  2. mvuent

    Can you be too old for music?

    francis dhomont (who literally started experimenting with musique concrete BEFORE pierre schaeffer) performing one of his most recent works a few months ago at age 93
  3. mvuent

    Oneohtrix Point Never

    they do, they just live in williamsburg
  4. mvuent

    Oneohtrix Point Never

    this REALLY struck me when i first saw it, still does really: iirc there was a huge reaction on /mu/ at the time. naturally some people were unimpressed, pointing out that it was just some art world hipsters recycling "shocking" content that had already been out there for years (with added...
  5. mvuent

    Oneohtrix Point Never

    if only you had some way of finding that out available to you...
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    if none of the works we're talking about are literally the same thing, i.e. formally identical, how does one distinguish between a work that's "truly unique" vs a work that's "in the same milieu" as other works? to me it seems like a subjective categorization.
  7. mvuent

    Detroit - the myth

    don’t have much experience with richie hawtin but i’ll say this much: i’ve tried to listen all the way through that first warp artificial intelligence compilation on two different occasions, and both times i literally fell asleep while his track (“up - spiritual high”) was on. well not fully...
  8. mvuent

    Music Pioneered In The 2010's?

    well to be more exact, the first third is a heartwarming recollection of his childhood and formative experiences in the vibrantly multicultural city of london. that merely sets up the remaining two thirds, which are devoted to an incredibly detailed recounting of the experience he mentions in...
  9. mvuent

    Music Pioneered In The 2010's?

    No, this is.
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    I do get the feeling that after the 60s, aligning yourself culturally with the young became seen more as the "right" move. The tables turned and people started to assume that young people knew things that older people didn't, rather than the other way around. Whatever knowledge old people think...
  11. mvuent

    Recommend me a sound designer

    i can create literally any sound you want, just as long as that sound is a detuned saw wave
  12. mvuent

    Zoomer Cult

    please do, i have no idea who to follow. i'm always horribly out of the loop with this stuff. didn't know what vine was until 2016 and i was exactly in the target demo! i literally didn't know of any good twitter accounts until 2019.
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    listen to something now

    summoned him once, let’s see if it’ll work again… SANDMAN BARTY describe this:
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    i really noticed that on campus while i was in edinburgh. identical hair and makeup too. it was like they were all each other's stunt doubles.
  15. mvuent

    artifacts / fog of war

    oh i meant the actual second one lol, "till the end of the night", but now i wish i'd said that before you fixed it
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    artifacts / fog of war

  17. mvuent

    artifacts / fog of war

    for posterity: before he edited linebaugh posted a song called "penetration" twice. shut up, there's no joke to be made there... that's a nice example, relatively subtle but especially on the second one you're right, it changes the vibe a lot
  18. mvuent

    artifacts / fog of war

    aren't those both the same song? is this some kind of zen puzzle?
  19. mvuent

    Simon Reynolds

    have you read it yet?
  20. mvuent

    an apple on the moon

    another example in the same vein. maybe even weirder for how the sample hearkens back not just to the present/everyday, but to really old pastoral britain. apparently that song was first recorded in 1904! anyways hearing it appear in this contrasting context evokes an amazing, unique feeling.