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  1. mvuent

    an apple on the moon

    producers and critics alike tend to venerate the word "alien" as a descriptor in electronic music. sounds that are (ostensibly) devoid of connection to the everyday world are seen as representing the medium's greatest potential. but there's a variation on that idea that's consistently produced...
  2. mvuent

    Have the 80s Replaced the 50s?

    the magic, innocent childhood years; a time of all-american values and rebellious teenagers; hopelessly corny in an endearing way; yet, paradoxically, when music as we know it was invented; and when the future as we know it was invented. that's not how the 80s really were, obviously. but it...
  3. mvuent

    Obscured Epics

    when an artist gets more ambitious that usual, you expect them to tout the results, and critics and audiences to pay attention. but sometimes that isn't the case, and you get a deep cut instead of a defining statement. it could be because the work in question flopped, but often (and more...
  4. mvuent

    underrated posts

    a place where you can submit overlooked posts you or someone else made in other threads for a second round of consideration. 'overlooked' meaning posts that didn't get thank you's or replies but that you thought were good, maybe even Great. obviously you can't just be funny and say "everything...
  5. mvuent

    artifacts / fog of war

    by which i mean phenomena like distortion, saturation, tape hiss, static, background noise, various forms of feedback, etc. just any "imperfections" in the recording that obfuscate the tunes. (a few threads that could be relevant: 1 2) this stuff is interesting to me because even when...
  6. mvuent

    Dissensus Folk Memory

    this place has been around for a while. there are threads with hundreds or thousands of pages that i've never read. what brutal, traumatic message board wars did latecomers miss out on? what were the high and low points? what’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened on here?
  7. mvuent

    proper tunes

    are "proper tunes" the best kind of music? or are they not the ultimate destination? which side of the fence would you put yourself on? classical vs romantic the voice used for songs vs as raw material in production
  8. mvuent

    Hip Hop/Electro with the "sickest, most insane sonics"

    "its not as weird as something like scratching." - Timothy Zachary Mosley on his music
  9. mvuent

    phenomenology of electroacoustic music

    electroacoustic music is very different from conventional music. but what is it different for? what do all the years of study and rigorous execution that go into this stuff amount to, from a listener's perspective? does it open up experiences that even more "experimental" areas of popular music...
  10. mvuent

    "yearning for the algorithmic"

    you'll often hear terms like "holding down" the groove, that imply a kind of stillness or fixedness. the idea that groove is a matter of parts locking into place, and then being homogeneously sustained for the duration of the song. like unrolling a mat. obviously variation will occur, especially...