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  1. sufi

    Make a Prediction

    I predict that we'll look back at this era of delicate elaborate contraptions stringing together cables and wifi and screens and keyboards and spectacles like how we look at Heath Robinson, it's no longer about the hardware or software, the platforms or the tech, what we're up to is learning to...
  2. sufi

    Can you change your mind? (the Musical)

    Noone on the other CYM thread admits to changing their mind (Jenks was right) and definitely no actual examples or climbdowns, so far anyway... So here we are in the music forum What music did you change your mind about? Why?? Did dissensus make you do it?? Matthew posted this ages ago (Haim...
  3. sufi

    Can you change your mind?

    Someone said on another thread about inflexibility of attitudes here, they may have a point. So this is the thread for those who want to recant their anti-Corbynism in the face of our current state, or not. Or for testing robustness of any of your other strongly held opinions - have you (not...
  4. sufi

    Age Range?

    No point in doing a gender poll, Luke accused me of being over 50 (trying to taunt me into reply no 666 on the alt right thread) never gonna happen like that You will know when the 1/2 century occurs from the invitation to the big party - Matthew also Some of us were born at an age that is...
  5. sufi

    My Granny was on the radio

    For real. So my question is how to archive her voice for posterity? What format would be the best way to keep the recording for the future - i grabbed an mp3 of the interview from the local radio station website
  6. sufi

    "Songs..." Elton John

    He is defining "Songs" in a particular way, but i suppose i can see what he's getting at, athough (i don't know any of the songs they refer to ) i reckon, he's on about a more conventional shape of song, verses and chorus and so on,i heard the pixies say that they'd start with the chorus and end...
  7. sufi


    I came across a couple of male dominated cliques i'd never heard of before yesterday, which made me reflect on this place. Obviously we're not devoted to misogyny or to Jesus, but the comparison is entertaining Firstly Laura, who started #everydaysexism 8 years ago, which i think has had...
  8. sufi

    Pandemic Sci Fi

    it seems like there's still a fair amount of uncertainty about the long term effects, medically as well as socially polystyle desu futures thread So the scope is wide, speculation is pretty scary though and also maybe a bit tasteless? maybe some taboos to test. especially...
  9. sufi

    intriguing Snooker moments that will make your face jiggle

    Imagine if snooker hadn't gone for casino style black tie and shushing, and was more like the darts instead all beery and rowdy or if darts was all high tech, streamlined and sleek like cycling or athletics?
  10. sufi

    The honeymoon period

    when you first hear a new tune, often there is zero or minimal context - you just get the music. maybe there's an obscure name and a record sleeve or an jpg, maybe not, maybe just the provenance of inclusion in a mix, with an obscure soundcloud comment "осом!!". Then you google it, or everyone...
  11. sufi

    Is spotify haunted (enough)? there's no comments space on n+1. hopefully maybe richard might be along soon for a natter i like the sound of that organ music
  12. sufi

    John Hassell

    Cultural imperialist carpet-bagger or visionary guru of dissensusism? Obvs the guardian makes him sound dull as a ditch, but he was around for some exciting moments, and...
  13. sufi

    RIP Dan Martin

    i don't think I'll have read a lot of his writing * but he sounds like a proper classic nme ligger * apart from Dr Who reviews in the Guardian :sneaky:
  14. sufi

    Is Culture a dirty word now?

    Cancel Culture Culture war Cultural Marxism Multiculturalism, even All seemingly include Culture as a sort of negative force culture is presented to us as a cause of conflict among the less politically aware, a sort of irrational belief system for primitives - Racism has moved from being...
  15. sufi


    is having a security meltdown apparently
  16. sufi

    Grace Jones in Dub

    This isnt even the dub Amazing really
  17. sufi


    What's the most original bit of music? Was it worth it?
  18. sufi

    UK Uprising 2020

    ... cancelled due to inclement weather,
  19. sufi

    junk wax This is randomly fascinating, This applies to the 70s/80s comics I collected as a youth too - they haven't gained value due to being massive editions, but it doesn't apply to vinyl I dont think?
  20. sufi

    Shall we form a co-op?

    It's quite easy i think you just hold hands (virtually in this case) and magick it up into existence with one of these special incantations Are we already a collective even? maybe that is better - we need to promote mr tea