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    Adam Buxton Podcast Appreciation Thread

    No haters here. Let's share the love for Buckles.
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    Childish Gambino

    ok this guy might not be cool - and in fact i couldn't find anything else good by him (which was a very weird experience - everything else seems "indie") BUT - believe the hype - this is pretty amazing. just the fact that he's not wearing a shirt - makes him look a bit fat and somehow like a...
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    I strongly believe it's a big problem. One of the many foods people in the west eat unthinkingly and which causes untold damage and distorts people's personalities. Made inestimably worse by modern intensive food production which mills it down to microscopic qualities. But the press is still...
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    Post your Consciousness Classics

    This is a thread to post your [perhaps unlikely or non canonical] music consciousness classics. So Beatles records are OK! But good to throw unusual things in there. So I'll start with Gang Gang Dance's "St Dymphna" This one...
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    well you think you know and have experienced everything then something arrives out of the blue! and "blue" might be the right term - because although supposedly NOT PORNOGRAPHIC - this definitely has shades of it. in fact the bubble rubbing and prickling/crinkling plastic aspect doesn't do much...
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    Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    ...not to be confused with plain ol' Ravi Shankar. Definitely the pick of the gurus. Witty and modern. Here's his website: Lots of great videos here: Guru up!
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    Sign the Windrush petition
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    Reaching out to your inner Donald

    ok! so we're all basically pinko liberals. me too more or less. so what to do about the donald? do we rail against his madness which now threatens to do nothing less than destroy the world? that's definitely one sensible approach. however that's not going to do anything but enforce the...
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    The only music worth its salt is psychedelic..

    ...and by that I mean music which speaks to the existence of transcendent realities. On this the 75th anniversary of Albert Hoffman discovering LSD. Because I'm an old fart I'm of the opinion that the reason 99.99% of today's music, young people's music, does not speak to me is that it ISN'T...
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    My Pal Greg Recommends
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    Mid-period Wire

    more non-consensual middle-brow revelations. more efforts to shatter the sensible and cautious lock-down on good taste. more musical life after the shark jump. we all love pink flag, chairs missing and 154. but drill, the ideal copy and a bell is a cup - these are GREAT records. always...
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    Can you speak German well?

    Hello! Guten Tag! In a couple of weeks I'm going to need to get a big chunk of audio translated from the German to English. Could be as much as 6 hours of a lecture! :mad: Can you, or someone you know translate it? Will be able to pay some money. Not MASSES - but enough for it not seem like I...
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    uh oh! pour your lumpen scorn on me! any closet fans? people have nice things to say about husker du and the smiths - but i love the early REM as much as either of those bands. can't think of a group which so destroyed its reputation by not giving up sooner. they should have stopped when bill...
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    Pointless but it makes me go "Ooh look at that!" hm. maybe not pointless!!!
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    Equiknoxx and weird dancehall

    playing catch up with this BUT just to go on the record to say how much I love last year's "Colon Man" and the previous "Bird Sound Power" this seems like genuine yard music which is genuinely strange. i'm incredibly suspicious (ridiculously so) of music which i feel is pushing my...
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    Russia Surrounded

    not to condone putin's action but this is a really interesting vid on how russia has become progressively encircled it's no surprise that he seems paranoid in the light of this
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    Voice search and Psychoanalysis's the future! and the true birth of talking with machines. lots of places this is going to take us - but the most obvious one to me is going to be about how psychoanalysis is brought into everyone's homes.
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    Good animation projects
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    The Velvet Underground vs The Grateful Dead

    Just read Charles Perry's "The Haight Ashbury" part of my ongoing research. And found this classic old skool West Coast diss: "But this was all taking place in San Francisco. Once in a while people wondered what could be happening along the same lines elsewhere; certainly there were good...
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    UK EU Referendum Aftermath

    oof! well - although i certainly didn't vote for it - it has happened. consequently it seems like the sane thing is to try and come to terms with it. funnily enough the voices in the aftermath i've found comfort from are people who i usually cannot stand - that's the duo at the guardian of...