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    what are you reading now?

    i love your ambition
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    The End of Civilization.

    no need to ban it just realise that it's obsolete same as the mainstream
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    New weird britain

    this is why the wire magazine was better/more interesting before you could instantly hear all the music they write about
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    Choon of the Day

    what's that tune @shiels sounds like a tv program about how wonderful computers are
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    or just rational avoidance of cultural over-exposure, there used to be an underground
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    Techniques for Influencing Time

    sounds like capitulation to stockholm syndrome to me. learn to love your job and you'll never work a day in your life
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    WashYourHands' Top 23 (+77)

    nice post good writing
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    Predictions and Precognition

    sort it out then - you're staff - there's more to the job than the ability to post without waiting 30 seconds
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    The french

    horrible and slimey and you can feel them jumping around in youre tummy afterwards. and if you eat too many you turn into a frog your self.
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    The french

    plus they drink halves cos their girls
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    The french

    no great loss
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    The french

    did you knew that they like to eat snails yuck they have them every day and give them to children for breakfast
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    The french

    inb4 that story about capturing a monkey
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    Predictions and Precognition

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    if New York can die so can London

    judging by the mural i'm glad i don't live in luton 'cos if i did i'd have to find a way to sit an exam with no trousers on while all my teeth fall out plus other reasons too presumably
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    The french

    three of the most bourgeois affectations imaginable
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    right wing MILFS

    Male Introvert Lacks Family - is "agamous" a word in the english language?
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    Don't you know this love is real?

    that's right, anyway to me 20 minutes away on the train or not manchester is totally different to lancashire towns ie it had some good venues and people into interesting music but then i (a) was too young for the raves in blackburn etc (b) couldnt get out of lancashire to london fast enough (c)...
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    Don't you know this love is real?

    again my name is called incorrectly
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    Techniques for Influencing Time

    so why does every 8-hour data entry shift seem longer than the last one, and why is walworth road longer every time i walk down it