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  1. IdleRich

    Catalog's Bollywood Bangers

    Far from an expert but there are some killer bollywood soundtracks out there.... I also dig the ones that are covers in all but name.... Or this kraftwerk soundalike (not a particular tune but the idea). RD Burman is kinda like the Morricone of Bollywood I guess... except he actually sings...
  2. IdleRich

    Anyone in London want to record a track in a studio for free?

    Yep, yet another advert from me. Sorry. Here's the thing, I got a friend who is doing a course in sound production or something in London and - I think - as part of his course or something he has to record a track from a band - but he's from Portugal so he doesn't know any bands there to invite...
  3. IdleRich

    Soviet and Eastern European films website - plus some random picks for you

    The other day we wanted to watch the 2005 or whatever it is version of The Master and Margarita made for Russian tv. We found a decent one with subs on this Russian movies website - we'd used it before but thought we'd used up our free allocation so wasn't expecting it to work, but it let us...
  4. IdleRich

    Invisible Sounds on East Side Radio - Album Launch show

    On the radio yet again again. This time we're on Lisbon's East Side Radio live at 2pm UK time. Over the course of the next two hours I intend to play the whole of Jaguar No Me album which comes out on our label on Monday. Hope you can tune in. Listen here
  5. IdleRich

    Train to Invisible City on Threads Radio 1700 UK time 8/10/2020

    New show here... should probably be promoting our record which comes out in a few days but for some reason decided to play a load of completely different stuff starting with dub I seem to remember, mainly post-punk and dance music that sounds like post-punk (to me).
  6. IdleRich


    What's your favourite one? We watched a documentary about the Beast of Bray Road - apparently there is this town in Wisconsin where loads of people have seen a seven foot tall hairy beast that looks like a dog walking on hind legs. So many people have seen it that there ought to be something...
  7. IdleRich

    Invisible Sounds Record Label Launch 12th October - Jaguar No Me, Misekake

    Lisbon based record label Invisible Sounds launches on Monday 12th October with long awaited album Misekake by Jaguar No Me. Front man and main song writer Taishi Nagasaki (former bass player with Fat White Family) is the brain behind this psychedelic combo which formed in 2017, taking their...
  8. IdleRich

    Sheba Blake book covers

    Can these be real?
  9. IdleRich

    Music Blogs

    Help me out here. I think I may have mentioned that I will be releasing a record shortly. Anyway, I need help on promo cos I'm doing what I can with zero budget but the artist is asking me questions like "Why isn't there a bbc show about the release?" so I can see that there is a slight... gap -...
  10. IdleRich

    Do good comedies have to be about losers?

    Been watching Peep Show and, although it's very funny, there is something about the people involved - their constant failures, lies, the smallness of their world - that almost depresses me at the same time. And that reminded me that a friend once told me that he found Father Ted too depressing...
  11. IdleRich

    Killer Orcas

    This is weird and scary
  12. IdleRich

    On the radio Thurs 1700 uk time

    This time with guest mix from Trol2000 who is a huge figure in Lisbon's music scene - he runs Peekaboo records and has been dj-ing since the early 90S It's the one that says Threads* on this link More kinda cosmic this time in keeping with his selections.
  13. IdleRich

    Dau (film) Project

    Does anyone know anything about this? Has anyone seen any of the films? I've been fascinated by this since I first became aware of it four or five years ago. Weirdly though, I have somehow not managed to get round to watching the films yet even though they are now all available online (actually...
  14. IdleRich

    Recursive (Children's) 0Songs

    Dunno if this really counts as music. But the other day I had cause to mention that song My name is Yon Yonson, I live in Wisconsin, I work in the lumber mill there All the people I meet As I walk down the street Say - hey what's your name? Leading to him replying... My name is Yon Yonson etc...
  15. IdleRich


    I really wanna go there; really cheap, beautiful (from the pics) with amazing orthodox churches and that insane modernist road agency thing, apparently Georgians invented wine and I bet the food is good... you got Mutant Radio and Bassiani too. Soon as movement is free again I'm gonna make it my...
  16. IdleRich

    I May Destroy You

    Is anyone watching this? It feels quite dissensus with its complex issues and East London setting. Well, quick bit of info for those who haven't heard about it. Basically Michaela Coel plays a woman who has just made it big-ish via a twitter account which got her a book deal and some moments of...
  17. IdleRich

    Invisible Sounds on East Side Radio

    Another show we did - yet another one you could say - this time starting off with a load of pseudo-libraries on Drumetrics label and then just all over the shop...
  18. IdleRich

    Yet another fucking show for Threads Radio

    This one is kinda all over the place... starts off all summery and then goes a bit weird I guess The first track is called Cunter Punch - is that a misprint for counter punch or is...
  19. IdleRich

    Repetitive Music

    I got this record the other day... I like it but a lot of people don't. I guess it's boring to them, I don't know, but I realised how much I like repetitive music - in a sort of pop music context. Often when music is so repetitive in one element it's so that you can change it a bit - or...
  20. IdleRich


    What's happening?