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    Is "Wicked Game" a Cheesy Song and Video and is this Bad? Or no idea?
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    Virtual Suicide

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    Top Ten Books

    What are your top ten books? The ones which have influenced you the most/had the most effect on you? Mine are (or so it seems to me right now) in no particular order: The Accursed Share - Georges Bataille Confessions of a Mask - Yukio Mishima Media Manifestos - Regis Debray 2666 - Roberto...
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    Europe and the Future of Politics

    The recent success of the right in the Euro elections suggests that this crisis hasn't yielded any gains for the left, which is perhaps understandable, given their lack of real ideas, though less understandable, given the right's lack of the same. Maybe the generally confused values of the...
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    Sylvere Lotringer: See also: Sinnnerman.
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    VIA + "Serres' passionate skepticism and rejection of the traditional French philosophy of Critique—the rational separation between nature and culture in the line of Descartes, Marx, and Sartre (see Latour, 1988;Wesling, 1996)—have been condemned both by postmodernists and traditional...
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    What is Manga?

    I saw Akira a long time ago. But I really mean the cult of manga; extreme Manga consumption/addiction/lifestyle. I recently started getting links from all these strange blogs, which are "Bleach Spoiler" blogs. Such as...
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    the cops

    good column:
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    Trouble brewing:
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    The Apprentice

    1) This show is completely tone-deaf to the current climate. 2) All of the contestants are completely mad.
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    Things I Believe In

    The Inner Beauty of Mike Tyson
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    Communism conference at Birkbeck

    Any Dissensians go? I came across a report here: Which included this final paragraph: "All this was symbolized at the very end of the conference. As everyone was getting ready to leave, Zizek asked us to all stand up and sing “The Internationale”. Almost...
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    Songs Named After Men

    The inevitable companion thread. Jimmy - MIA
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    Songs Named After Women

    I'll start. Jolene - Dolly Parton
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    Joyce vs Rand, Plato vs. Aristotle, Elites vs. People, Kramer vs. Kramer

    I recently came across this piece in my travels: A sample: ** Novel A: He kissed the plump mellow yellow smellow melons of her rump, on each plump melonous hemisphere, in their mellow yellow furrow, with obscure prolonged provocative...
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    Is Humanity Dooomed?

    I pose the question.
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    REM, Nightswimming...

    Is this a good song? The idea of the song is good. History happens at night, with a dive into music.
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    the other thread

    perhaps we should really create a thread called "the other thread"....
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    Weirdo Music

    Dissensians might be interested in this:
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    The violence must end!

    I am listening to Tony Blair talk about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the BBC World Service. He is saying that the central thing of importance is that "the violence must end." I am not sure what I think about this idea, either in the specific case, or the general case. For example, cases...