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    Halloween Reading

    There seems to be a lot of discussion of Horror recently. It is also coming up to Halloween. Also, as I have said before, I often feel supernatural, weird, eerie and horror stories are best in short form. So, this thread is for sharing short stories and short story collections that are apt for...
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    Crackle on Speakers

    Sup bitches. So I have a problem. Here is the set up that my problem comes from: Mac - optical link CD Player - phono link to a digital amp: Panny SA-XR50. Speakers are Q Acoustics 2020's -------- On low end bass a small quiet crackle is present, like a biro vibrating on top of the...
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    Creating / Mixing / Composing in 5.1 or 6.1

    OK, thought about going to GearSlutz for this but hesitated incase it's too stupid a question to ask - I don't know because I dont have anything other than garageband yet. I'm hoping to buy Ableton Live or Logic for music making purposes. One of my main objectives is to compose in 5.1 for 5.1...
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    Alternative Metal

    OK, probably going to be flamed for this but I'd like to hear some good suggestions for great alternative metal. I've been a massive KoRn ( early ), Deftones, Tool, Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Neurosis and Isis fan for a while now - I'd basically like to hear from guys who like similar...
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    anyone use python? I need a hand to hold....

    ^^^ ? :confused:
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    Careers, Jobs and stuff

    I still have no clue what I want to do, or what makes me happy, or what I could do. I've been stuck in an unrewarding ( progression void ) office job for over 3 years since graduating - starting to wonder if I'm going wrong somewhere. The advice I got at art college was basically "go out and...
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    Music Making Technology

    I've wanted to ask these questions for a long long time. I'm on the verge of buying a new mac, an iMac with a nice i7 in it. Long term i'd like to start making music on it, I've had a go with garage band on my old emac but found it a little restrictive and forcefully formulaic. What are my...
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    Dropboxing the Dissensian Music?

    Have thought about this for a while. Would anyone be up for launching a drop box folder for dissensus ( I have one and will happily send you invites - I get more space )? Then we can all share files. Metal Dubstep Jazz Experimental Would be the first 4 to spring to mind..... Thoughts?
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    Can ya see what it is yet? ( Mystery MIssile Content )
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    Gareth Williams

    Any thoughts about the unfortunate demise of this man? Personally I can't see how such a suspicious murder ( i know it's not officially a murder but nobody can cut themselves up and put their parts in a holdall alone... ) can be anything but political in the given circumstances. The rather odd...
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    The impermanence of the Internet

    OK - so the same day I search for CCRU only to find its not there anymore the wonderful Bibliodyssey by fuel books based on PK's blog arrives... Just got me thinking about the terribly impermanent nature of online stuff - I know that one thing that makes the cybernet so useful is its ever...
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    Careers - How on earth do you know what to do and how to do it??

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    Suggest a Book for the dissensus book club!

    OK, suggest books you would like to read as a group and discuss on dissensus. Not books you have read or are reading.... books you wish to read with other dissensians. The best / most popular suggestions will go into a poll thread where the final book may be decided. I think this is the most...
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    Im kinda into trilogys at the mo, so much so I may just exclusively watch and read trilogys from now on. I used to be pre-occupied with Pi.... anyhow, list, critique, scoff and rave about trilogys. Here some I like so far 6/9 aint bad A.J. Pakulas "paranoia" trilogy, im 2 thirds through it...