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    Wuhan Killer Sneeze (thanks Tea)
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    New Dancehall

    got to be skilibeng
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    Zoomer Cult

    Yeah I find AKB48 the most impressive version of this, by my maths there's 624 girls over 13 groups EDIT: nevermind, I assumed 48 meant 48 members but just looking at AKB48 and they have 99 somehow. So who knows what the total actually is.
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    what was good about rock music?

    it's a bug, you're seeing the last video you liked on youtube already got me in another thread
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    Digital Music as CGI

    yeah it was my mates track too, I sent him a screenshot then had to backpedal
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    Digital Music as CGI

    This really confused me but it looks like it's showing the last video you liked for some reason, I think this is the actual video
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    Yeah I saw a couple splatted ones, they seem pretty bloody stupid.
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    I thought that until i went to the Costwolds when we were allowed out briefly last summer, it was fucking weird. Pheasants are actually just wandering around out there wild.
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    Yeah the NKC show is where I came across them for the first time. Will have to lock into him from now on, I enjoy the hard drum stuff coming out on his label.
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    enjoyed pretty much every track here
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    New Rap

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    Road Rap

    there's something so grim about this one, about 10 man serenading a half naked chick in an off licence
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    Popular and its news to you

    Phoebe Bridgers is a name I just ran into recently who's apparently massive, can't help but think Phoebe Waller-Bridge
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    trading 212 on your mobile
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    I still don't really understand why bitcoin hasn't been left behind for other cryptos, is it just brand power? My understanding is minimal but from what I've read and from actually using it to buy stuff it's fucking shit as a currency, I thought it had pretty much just transitioned to something...
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    New Rap

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    trading 212 on your mobile

    Finding it quite interesting reading through threads like this every night and seeing the mood slowly shift, a lot of people have lost a lot of money by buying into the meme.
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    Video games

    I keep thinking I should load up some RTS games, used to spend hours in Age of Empires as a kid just building a massive base. Don't think I've got the patience for it any more. Not something that really gets made any more.
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    Shuffling / House Music / Cutting Shapes

    this could be interseting
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    Yeah I dunno, certain films really suck me in on ket, but I get the feeling with this it might have resulted in me going off on too many tangents inside my head and not actually paying enough attention.