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  1. Tentative Andy

    Disclosure checks are a fucking rip-off

    I guess this is basically a selfish rant that poss doesn't even belong in Politics. But seriously, there does seem to be something wrong about citizens being repeatedly charged to prove that they're not criminals. It's something I find hard to formulate into a coherent statement as to what the...
  2. Tentative Andy

    Cheap places to stay in London

    Do they exist? And if so, where? (Apologies if this has been done before, searching didn't bring anything up though).
  3. Tentative Andy

    June on Pirate Revival - 10th Anniversary Month, special guests inc DJ PIERRE

    This month on Pirate Revival we're marking our 10th anniversary as a station, so to celebrate we've booked loads of guest DJs to appear. These include none other than then mighty DJ Pierre, doing a set for us on Tuesday 14th from 8 - 10 pm. Other guest appearances included Danny Rampling, Fast...
  4. Tentative Andy

    Pirate Revival Presents – Top 5 Day, Sunday 30th January

    Thought I’d give you lot a little info about an upcoming special show on As some of you know I play on the station every second Wednesday from 8 till 10 pm, but on January 30th (i.e. a week tomorrow) I’ll be part of a special extended show in which DJs play their top 5...
  5. Tentative Andy

    Vanishing posts

    Is anyone else experiencing this? - Sometimes I'll see on a forum page that there has been a new post in a thread, but when I click on the thread it's not there. And sometimes the opposite will happen - someone will post a reply in a thread, but the reply won't be listed on the forum's thread...
  6. Tentative Andy

    Music is bad

    Let's be honest now. No-one hear listens to that crap, do they?
  7. Tentative Andy

    Holding everything together in your head

    This is the hardest thing of all, isn't it? :confused::eek:
  8. Tentative Andy

    Tentative Mixing This is the 2nd attempt I've made at putting together a mix for other peoples' listening, and the 1st attempt where I've decided to share the end result. I'm not under any illusions as to this being some kind of masterpiece: it's on software, there are...
  9. Tentative Andy

    African house

    (Zhao this thread is surely your time to shine :D ). House music in Africa is something that is being talked about a reasonable ammount at the music, but is something I know next to nothing about. My current knowledge literally ammounts to Township Funk and a couple of DJ Cleo bits. Could...
  10. Tentative Andy

    Rolling Radio Show Thread

    I felt I should contribute something positive and productive again after all my dubious moaning and rambling in the Thought forum. Been thinking about doing a thread like this for a while, then Dan said something alon the same lines a couple of days ago which spurred me into action: Rules are...
  11. Tentative Andy

    Best grime producers

    Inspired by padraig's junglist auteurs poll/thread, by listening to things like the 69 Allstars mix and TD's mix for Fact a lot at the moment, and by being bored and wanting to contribute something positive and enjoyable after the education/Woodcunt thread. :D Also-rans: Bossman, Young Dot...
  12. Tentative Andy

    Good mp3 sites

    Let's share some knowledge of good sites for downloading mp3s of the type(s) of music we tend to like here. Preferably legal pay sites, as I try to support the music that I love, natch :) . So far I'm only really familiar with the obvious ones: Boomkat Juno Anyone care to...
  13. Tentative Andy

    My Name Is Earl

    This programme is currently one of the best comedies on television. Discuss.
  14. Tentative Andy

    [GLA] Upcoming Nights and Other Events, Rolling Thread

    So we appear to be blessed with a surfeit of top events in Glasgow at the mo. First up, DMZ pay a visit: And then the week after, Mungo's Hi-Fi with a night of dub business: I am going to...
  15. Tentative Andy

    Is Political Communication Possible?

    I.e. - can people who occupy significantly different points on the political spectrum engage in rational debate, of a sort which might end in them increasing each others' understanding? These days I often find myself doubting that they can.
  16. Tentative Andy

    Best Avatars?

    Personal favourites, in roughly descending order: HMGovt nomos Mr Tea empty mirror Idle Rich's one disturbs me a good deal, as for the first few days it was up I didn't realise the woman had a mask on. :eek:
  17. Tentative Andy

    Genre Overload

    Contrary to what you might expect, this isn't one of those 'why are there so many silly names about these days, it confuses everything, why can't we just call it music, maaan?' type of rants. The names are mostly fine I reckon, it's the objective existence of such a plethora of actual musical...
  18. Tentative Andy

    Beat-mixing tunes at different tempos

    What is the key to this? Is it to do with finding tracks where the bpms are multiples/divisions of each other? (Obv not talking about things which + or - 5 from each other or whatever, talking about how to do fairly major shifts).
  19. Tentative Andy

    So, the postal sell-off shenanigans.....

    What are people's thoughts on this whole situation?
  20. Tentative Andy

    The Acid House

    Did anyone else see this on Film 4 last night? Ages since I'd seen it, still reckon it's (a) not as good as the book, thought to be fair the book would be near impossible to replicate in full, and (b) Not quite as succesful an adaptation as Trainspotting, doesn't have quite the same flow and...