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    Dj Deadtrax - Gabber house an exploration into European hardcore rave by Marc Dauncey

    An hour and forty minutes exploring the murky world of hardcore techno, gabber and a sprinkling of jungle and breakcore, ranging from 150 to well over 240 bpm, from 1992 right up to the present day. Full blog post and commentary here...
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    ELEKTRONIK - Sound tracks / Krautrock / Synth Pop

    I'm pleased to present my latest mix, Elektronik. A project to compile some of the most powerful synthesised music ever made - from the ultra minimal electronic soundscapes of John Carpenter through to new school electro artists such as Not Waving and Ekoplez, all with a common theme of old...
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    Some recent mixes of mine peeps might be interested in - HOUSE / TECHNO / AMBIENT

    Hey guys. Just some mixes I've posted recently. Dysphoric Dreams A dark ambient mix with a dystopian theme. Aphex Twin / Sunn o:))) / Brian Eno / Dead Can Dance Dysphoric Dreams II Part two of the series, moving into psychedelic house and techno Ben's Wolves / Damien Wilde / Tom Middleton /...
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    Babylon Reggae - spiritual, roots and political reggae

    Hi everyone, I finally finished a reggae mix I started a few years ago, thought you might like to hear it. MP3 version: Streaming: "Here's a selection of Jamaican roots reggae juxtaposed...
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    New grime / dub reggae blogposts

    Hi everyone, this isn't strictly an event, but it is a bit of shameless self promotion - just thought peeps might be interested to know that I'm blogging about music again after a long, long break. Here's a new post taking a tour through some of my favourite grime tracks from the last ten...
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    A personal history of personal computers - the ZX Spectrum

    I wondered whether peeps here would be interested in a new technology blog I started recently. I've just written a rather long article about the golden years of the UK microcomputer industry, focussing on the ZX Spectrum and key developers I feel stood out as innovators - Mel Croucher of...
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    grime tune ID

    does anyone know the artist and track title for a grime song with the lyrics "oi mate - shut your mouth"?
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    freerotation summer festival and dubstep tune ID

    did anyone go to this? absolutely wicked little festival which managed to avoid the horrors of the big commercial operations (exploitative, oppressive security / police presence, shit music, hideous vibe, you know da koo). i know ben ufo was going, but i didn't manage to find you mate...
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    my muxtape

    dunno if anyones aware of that new site which allows you to do mp3 mixtapes (unmixed, natch) which you can then distribute? i was having a play with it earlier and heres the one i did from some tracks on my laptop: if you want to do your own, go here...
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    buying a flat in london

    just thought i'd ask peoples advise on this, as my divorce will finally happen this year and it looks like i can get at least 150k from the sale of the house. i want to settle down in london but its been ten years since i've bought a property. first of all, what can i get for my money? i...
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    some tracks and ideas

    hey, just thought i'd post up some of my (fairly amatuerish) and unfinished demos to see what people think. i want to get some of these finished but don't know which of them has the most potential. anyway heres a selection:
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    hosting recommendation for business site

    hi everyone, wondered if anyone has any recommendations for some business hosting. cheapness should not be the sole determining factor although obviously i don't want to pay over the odds. the site will store and stream flash animations and needs to be fairly robust plus a range of bandwidth...
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    grime id

    can anyone identify this tune for me? its from a rossi b podcast. don't recognise the mcs although i think demon comes in on the chorus. sounds like a ten year old kid rapping for the most part. want to get it on vinyl.
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    tune ID for old house song

    alright dissensians, wonder if this rings a bell with anyone. looking for an old house record i used to hear in the clubs back in 1994. it used to get played by the handbag djs but i think its probably a NY house record. it has a male vocal that is cut up and looped saying "not looking for a...
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    budget studio monitors - any recommendations?

    hi everyone, i have to replace my aging studio monitors as i can longer feel very much bass from them - obviously rendering them completely useless. does anyone have any recommendations for budget monitors? the maximum i can afford is 250 - 300 ukp. many thanks!
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    demo track for you to check out

    i've been working on a new track which i can only describe as dubstep on a couple of e's. just wondered if anyone would like to check it to give me some feedback. a disclaimer: its a little bit repetitive after a while and i am not entirely happy with the break, but its a start, may have some...
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    blair on crime and the jucidiary,,1804422,00.html "It's no use saying that in theory there should be no conflict between the traditional protections for the suspect and the rights of the law-abiding majority because, as a result of the changing nature of crime and society...
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    summer steppin - classic jump up jungle mix

    heres a wicked mix by my good mate, dj twist: "A full decade on from the summer of Hip-Hop infused jungle I've actually finished my FIRST Jump-Up Jungle studio mix! Big speaker-destroying basslines, Hip-Hop and Ragga samples, mashed-Up amens all cut-up and rejiggled... perfect summer...
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    good music torrent sites for old skool jungle?

    now that p2p networks like soulseek are bereft of this kind of music, does anyone know any good torrent sites where you can register without having to jump through hoops to get these tunes? i've got a huge amount of tracks to trade, just having difficulty finding people to trade with! thanks...
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    linux is a european plot to undermine america

    don't know if people have seen this already, but its hilarious. tempting to think its a parody, surely no-one could be as nutty as this? also check out elsewhere in the blog a "gay conversion plan": introduce your gay friend to some nice religious girls and save his soul...