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  1. mvuent

    dreams - they're weird, innit?

    i wonder if this is another one of those archetypal dreams (like remembering you have a test in a class you never attended) that a lot of us experience in some form: the ambiguous pursuer. mine as a kid was this chicken-like creature with an unsettlingly human face and smirking expression. these...
  2. mvuent

    Music: the best bits

    great from start to finish, but these parts especially are sonic wizardry a) 0:42-0:57 where a horn sound comes in, breaks up into a continuous rhythmic pulse, and slowly climbs in pitch before fading away b) 1:03-1:23 the way the shouts to “transform!” are obeyed by the scratching, which...
  3. mvuent

    Choon of the Week

    once or twice a year, j saul kane logs on to let people in various discogs review sections know how underappreciated he and his work are by idiots like them. but… maybe he’s right? he’s largely forgotten now (hadn’t been mentioned by name on this site since 2009) but in the early days of rave he...
  4. mvuent

    Reverb and Echo

    as far as distinctive and beautiful uses of reverb, i'd nominate 2010s autechre. (initially held off on posting something like this cause i know some of us are sick of autechre fanboism, but eh what the hell.) there are memorable instances earlier on in their music, but in the past decade there...
  5. mvuent

    A Brooklyn Culture Mafia

    a fair point.
  6. mvuent

    A Brooklyn Culture Mafia

    come on woops admit it!!!
  7. mvuent

    A Brooklyn Culture Mafia

    i must have read a different story. you probably just think it's bad because it wasn't written by a french person. the way, for example, time quietly accelerates as a fulfilled life slips further and further from the main character’s grasp is viscerally unsettling. likewise the way the...
  8. mvuent

    A Brooklyn Culture Mafia

    i think a lot of these people were serious, overly studious nerds in school, so once they get to hip brooklyn--in their minds, on the merits of how interesting they've become thanks to all their highbrow reading and academic cleverness--they feel like it's their turn to live it up and be...
  9. mvuent

    A Brooklyn Culture Mafia

    tbh i doubt their power, but am a big fan of stories that paint really vivid pictures of their characters' psychologies, especially when said pictures feel "true". haven't read much of the borges recently but when i finish it (in 50 years) i'll def revive that thread. if you wanted to talk...
  10. mvuent

    A Brooklyn Culture Mafia

    yeah those were just me amusing myself by imitating the way much smarter people talk. the tweets are meaningless nonsense. for some reason the phrase "libidinal economy" was really cracking me up that day. in all seriousness i really did enjoy that story though, would recommend it to anyone...
  11. mvuent

    A Brooklyn Culture Mafia

    wisdom. you're probably too dumb to understand.
  12. mvuent

    A Brooklyn Culture Mafia

    actually my av now is a 3d rendered character, which is even worse
  13. mvuent

    A Brooklyn Culture Mafia

    this is a good story. our resident literary-minded incels like @linebaugh should read this.
  14. mvuent

    Stuff Version Might Like

  15. mvuent

    Speech Synthesis

    i really like this stuff. muddles the distinction between memes and art even further. agreed about when it goes wrong. probably has a ton of potential for creative misuse. obviously using it the way it's intended can already be disorienting, but i bet that's what will produce the most...
  16. mvuent

    Marvel Films

    in way, feels like these movies always took place in the trump era? at the time i thought the early installments of iron man (et al) created a distinctly exaggerated alternate america—the tech shinier and more advanced, the people brasher, the events more absurd and chaotic. but in retrospect...
  17. mvuent

    "sickest, most insane sonics" guitar music edition

    something like that happened a while back. imo, needs to happen again and go further.
  18. mvuent

    "sickest, most insane sonics" guitar music edition

    it's dad rock week. remember shark week? it's like that.
  19. mvuent

    Mark Fell, Rian Treanor, Gabor Lazar

    this is happening in like an hour?