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  1. soul_pill

    Detroit - the myth

    this one by Joey/Mundo/Richie
  2. soul_pill

    Totally exquisite bits in jungle

    I always loved this one by them ^ drums are indeed exquisite throughout with pitch-stretched break (like early juice box) and little chopped break trills getting more intricate towards the end.
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    Rave music that sampled the sixties

    This one too .... John Lennon
  4. soul_pill

    Thrive in '95 - Jungle's zenith

    Talking about T-Power remixes of Shy FX, there's this remix of Original Nuttah
  5. soul_pill

    The Ever Burning Question

    ugh, no hauntology please.
  6. soul_pill

    Grime INstrumental

    What's the vocal sample in this? I also head it on a footwork track
  7. soul_pill

    Wiley - Godfather

    nexus 21 (pre-altern 8)
  8. soul_pill

    Won't Somebody Please Think of the Children?

    I've got 4 kids, the eldest is 20 and not really into much music. Last time I probed he said he liked Ben Frost and Tim Hecker, but he doesn't really like to talk to me. !4 y/o into a sort of breaks/edm hybrid stuff which sounds pretty obnoxious, all breakdowns and fills.
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    That's called 'Window Jump' by Traxman (unreleased)
  10. soul_pill

    John Wizards
  11. soul_pill


    The Quietus on Young Smoke's new album
  12. soul_pill

    150-160 bpm-ish stuff - whatchamacallit

    J-Cush (Azizaman) and DJ Manny have done 160 versions of grime, e.g. Wonder and Wiley. Here is a mix I did of this stuff:
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    Traxman interview on WFMU
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    It's meant to be Coo-Doh I heard many people saying Vex-Dee back in the day.
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    150-160 bpm-ish stuff - whatchamacallit

    This is a follow up to the Philip D Kick 'footwork jungle' EPs and Machinedrums more footworky tracks: <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" id="musicplayer" name="musicplayer" swliveconnect="true" wmode="transparent" data="" height="382"...
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    Name this tune for me...

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    Dissensus Best of 2011 Discussion

    Here are the Planet Mu lists. Unsurprisingly Kuedo's Severant sits at the top. Also Hype Williams, Rustie, Zomby, Anti-G, Machinedrum & Bangs & Works 2 make a strong showing. Planet Mu Staff 2011 charts