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  1. Mellsman

    Grim Britannia

    I like the way the means of containing and transporting the glue, is also the delivery mechanism.
  2. Mellsman

    Have you got a big head?

    Yeah. We had a "Melonhead". Or simply "Melon".
  3. Mellsman

    Roiling football blather

    All looking very kitchen table.
  4. Mellsman

    How to Decolonise the Museums

    The wealth locked up in the basement of a museum like the Met in NYC is staggering.
  5. Mellsman

    Deep House and Garage

  6. Mellsman

    Deep House and Garage

    I love this record. Cavernous.
  7. Mellsman

    Deep House and Garage

  8. Mellsman

    Deep House and Garage

  9. Mellsman

    Psychedelic drugs

    Bill Hicks picked a hole in the old "thought he could fly and jumped off the roof" schtick. Pointing out that if you believe you can fly, why not just take off from the ground?
  10. Mellsman

    🌙 🦇 How Smoked Salmon is destroying our minds 🍣🧠

    Not a thread about Salmon, I know. But when George says farmed fish are fed on other fish he might also have pointed out the ratio at play. 2 pounds of feed fish to grow 1 of salmon. .
  11. Mellsman

    Dinner of the Day.

    If he even entertains that sort of muck aged 7 I'd be very surprised. And not a little impressed.
  12. Mellsman

    Pointless But It Makes Me Chuckle to Myself

    Slowly, inexorably.
  13. Mellsman

    Brian Rose

    He looks like a deep fake. Even the name.
  14. Mellsman


    WYH are you a failed golfer?
  15. Mellsman

    The magic island

    Haha. My island would BE an endlessly mutating golf course. I bet you I'm the only golfist on Dissensus.
  16. Mellsman

    Pointless But It Makes Me Chuckle to Myself

    I found it quite threatening at the time.
  17. Mellsman

    Dinner of the Day.

    it was reported today that cuttlefish exercise willpower
  18. Mellsman

    Grim Britannia

    I would rather eat the tablecloth
  19. Mellsman

    REWILDING - breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    Copse/spinney rebranded.
  20. Mellsman

    Wuhan Killer Sneeze (thanks Tea)

    Part of the key to Trump's popularity. Liberals boss you around. He offered carte blanche to indulge in base ideas and behaviour.