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    Melodica Riddims

    Aside from Augustus Pablo, who else plays this wonderful instrument?
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    Where does 'joy' exist? Not 'Enjoy' that seems seems like it needs an external input. What is 'joy'? What does it event mean anymore? Some dictionary definition "a feeling of great pleasure and happiness " Did it ever mean anything? Was it ever there? Tricky - "No drugs or pharmaceuticals, for...
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    The Dissensus Album Canon

    On the back of Barty's mostly singles canon can we have an albums one. Some comments on the album would be good too. People post albums. Users do the “ta” button on the ones they like and the ones with lots of ta’s become canon.
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    Padraig (u.s.)'s Post Disco/Proto House Masterclass

    I think it was padraig (u.s.) who has brought PD/PH before in other threads iirc. eg Come on school us...
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    How do listen to music?

    how do you get the music from the source to your ears? speakers, headphones, earphones, pc speakers, clubs etc? just curious, for me it's mostly headphones via pc or mp3 player. i have ripped all my cds but non of my vinyl. kind of miss having a hifi set up with floor standing speakers but it...
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    UK Soul : Soundsystem Classics

    During the late 80's and early 90's, there quite a few UK soul records that were aimed at sound systems or at least played heavily by some sounds. I think this sort of stuff developed in parallel with jungle, often using the same breaks. Perhaps the most notable examples are from Soul II Soul...
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    Chutney Music Ill pad this out later as I got a toddler to see to atm. But for now here's a mix of older tunes chutney mix to start this thread. The Chutney now is much more dancehall orientated, but more later.
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    This Mortal Coil/4AD recs

    Can you suggest some CD's on 4AD (or any other labels but I thought 4AD a good starter) along the lines of This Mortal Coil. I've been listening to the This Will End In Tears album a lot recently and it's the only thing I have of this style atm. Perfect autumnal listening for me.
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    Digital DJ software

    Can anyone recommend any free PC digital DJ software. I just want mess about at home and have a different/interactive experience to just listening. I’ve done a search and came up with this but have yet to download it and have a play. But before I even do that has anyone...
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    Gil Scott-Heron R.I.P

    Saddened by this news. RIP Gil.
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    Organising your music for new ipods, itunes users

    To cut a long story sort I’m moving to ipod/itunes, I’ve never used either before and need a bit of advice. All my music is on an external drive (1) which I back up to another external drive (2). I use a file structure and I just copy stuff to and fro to a small Sansa listening while on the...
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    I couldn't find a gamelon thread. I've been listened to bits on Youtube and really like the combination of percussion and drone. This is probably the best example of the sort of thing i'm looking for. Could anyone suggest any CD listening/links for more of this. Also I can imagine this sort...
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    Adverts which do your head in

    Come on lets have them. All of the current British Telecom ones. Having BT tech can save your relationship.
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    Cover versions that you prefer to the original

    I can't think of any at the moment.
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    Bleeps and Bass

    Getting all Northern on this thread. Why did the particular sound come out of Yorkshire ? Massive bass on many of these tracks was this due to sound system culture. The influence of collapsing industry. Bit tired so more of my thoughts on that later but for now lets start with a track. <object...
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    PC Speakers

    Hi Dissensus, Been away a while . . . I want to get some decent PC speakers. Can anyone suggest any ? 2.0 or 2.1 setup. Budget is about £100. Maybe a touch more for the right setup.
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    Android phone apps

    Thought id start a list for Android users. This is brilliant for texting. You don't even need to press the keys simply run your fingers over the keys in roughly the correct order and it guesses the word. Genius. Still in beta but works fine.
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    In this day'n'age with the time on phones, mp3 players etc etc does anyone still wear a watch ? Me, yes I alternate between an old Sieko automatic and an G-Shock digital with reverse display. edit : This is the G Shock
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    I Ching

    I'm going back 5 or 6 years now but I used to love reading Joel Biroco's writings on I Ching and other subjects. I never got round to use the I Ching but his thoughts makes excellent reading. Then it seems he stopped writing, at least on the internet. Then out of the blue I checked his website...
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    Studio Ghibli

    I saw Spirited Away on the tele the other day and really enjoyed it. The only other one Ive seen is The Cat Returns but that was a lightweight in comparisism and didnt really hold my attention. Are there any other films from Studio Ghilbi that would be worth seeking out ?