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  1. pattycakes_

    Dissensus Raw: The Compilation - A Thread

    Citizens of the federal republic of I hereby declare the first inaugural (thusfar unnamed) Dissensus Compilation a Go. We are now officially Up in this Bitch 🍾 The murky pool of partly tapped, and in some cases, tapped talent on this semi-mythic board, founded by several esteemed...
  2. pattycakes_

    After the 'Vid Saw this on another forum. The article is not all that relevant to the thread, but I liked this: Been wondering what the landscape will be like once things pass. The above quote...
  3. pattycakes_

    Political questions you are dying to ask but are too scared to b/c of nerd cred?

    Does it make sense to have just 1 person as president/prime minister of a given country?
  4. pattycakes_

    Famous people you share a bday with

  5. pattycakes_

    The KLF

    All bound for a Mu Mu land? Haven't seen too much written about them around here, but it feels like they'd be up dissensus' Straße. Hopefully a two pronged thread where we can share KLF related shit and ask questions like 'is there space for 'culture jamming' in 2020?', 'How do you subvert a...
  6. pattycakes_

    Enough is enough. Time to whip this place into shape! :fire:
  7. pattycakes_

    Best songs you've ever heard?
  8. pattycakes_

    Time Capsules

    Stumbled upon this pair of beauts from the early 90s the other day: 3 more volumes apparently. Had seen them before and forgot how lovely they were. Perfectly captured, a time when there was still a sense of fun and hope in the air...
  9. pattycakes_

    Happy Birthday, thirdform!

    Bringing the ruckus when it matters! Happy birthday, you gorgeous rascal! :love::love::x::love::love:
  10. pattycakes_

    The Moon

    The Moon. It's a big dusty ball that lights the night's sky. How does it do it? I didn't think dust could be shiny. In honour of the great cheese sphere I open this new thread, in honour. Traditional Full Moon Names: Wolf Moon – January Snow Moon – February Worm Moon – March Pink Moon –...
  11. pattycakes_

    The Solution

    Or at least some ideas. Is there a possible antidote to the current clubbing landscape? Could even a small niche be carved to serve the disscernsussing types? You know, us lot. Or does it already exist? Any of you currently going to some lesser known gem? Anyone know any consistently good...
  12. pattycakes_

    Club Music in 2019

    (SOLVED) Club Music in 2019 Never at any point in dance music history have tastes been so broad, lineups been so eclectic and sheer volume of new music releases been so copious. There's more people going to clubs on the weekend, and festivals through the year. We're living in a time when all...
  13. pattycakes_

    The Ever Burning Question

    It can be as important to the work as the work itself... It has to leave that all important first impression. It's often one of the main things you remember when looking back. And there are so many of them! This one kills me every time. Those sweet, childlike penny...
  14. pattycakes_

    Returning from Brazil

    First of all if there's anyone between Paris where I land and Berlin where I'm headed who would like to meet up, talk shit, do psychs or any other dissensian approved activities, let me know. I really have no idea how I'll be moving from P to B so any potentially interesting stops on the way...
  15. pattycakes_

    Your regular sites

    What sites do you like to read regularly and why? I used to have maybe 15 bookmarked at my peak and it would take 1-2 hours to get through them in the morning. Could easily burn through a day with nothing to show for myself as most were forums. These days it's here and one or two others. Glad...
  16. pattycakes_

    The Depths

    'Deep' means different things to different people. Let's have a thread where we post a piece of deep music and talk a bit about what makes it deep to you and why you like it. I'll start with one of my favourite recordings of all time Found this on a...