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  1. jenks

    Thomas Dolby

    Maybe I am showing my age here but been listening to Dolby after hearing him for the first time in ages on the Soulwax mix Blue - they slide Airwaves into Robert Wyatt's SeaSong and it made me go dig out The Flat Earth and The...
  2. jenks

    Luke Haines

    Don't know whether this belongs in music or books... Been reading Bad Vibes by Haines. A genuinely funny account of the mass hypnosis that was Britpop. Haines comes out of the whole affair as a principled bastard who seems to sabotage his career at every turn. He nails all the usual suspects...
  3. jenks

    Mark Linkous RIP

    Probably not many on here were fans of his but it's mighty depressing to hear of yet another early death coming so soon after Vic Chesnutt.
  4. jenks

    Five Dials

    Dunno if we have a thread for this or not as search function seems buggered... Anyway, a pleasing thing from Hamish Hamilton. This issue has DFW as its focus.
  5. jenks

    How Long Has It Taken You to Finish a Book?

    Inspired by the fact that I have actually managed to finish a few books that have been lying around for months and I still have one from the summer and by the story of my mate who finally finished Tom Jones having started it ten years ago, I got to thinking about how long certain books can take...
  6. jenks

    John Martyn R.I.P.

    Dunno if anyone much interested over here but I always thought what a really gifted guitarist and song writer the man was - some of that stuff in the 70s/80s still sounds really fresh. Bit of an old bugger by all accounts and still pretty fearsome when he had his legs amputated. time for a bit...
  7. jenks

    Natural History Writing

    I have just been reading Wildwood by Roger Deakin and have recently finished Nature Cure by Richard Mayby and have Crow Country by Mark Cocker on my to be read pile. I was wondering a number of things - are we seeing a flowering of decent writing on nature/ the natural world? These are all book...
  8. jenks

    Esbjorn Svensson R I P Only fucking 44!
  9. jenks


    Don't know if there will be any takers for this but here we go, nonetheless. I have just finished James Woods' latest book 'How Fiction Works' in which he places Flaubert as the founder of modernism with the invention of free indirect style. I just wondered what the readers on this board think...
  10. jenks

    Tony Conrad at Tate Modern

    I thought this might be of interest to some of you. NEWS Series: Tony Conrad Tate Modern 13 - 15 June 2008 Tate Modern celebrates the work of avant-garde video artist and experimental filmmaker, Tony Conrad. At this special weekend, see Conrad transform the Turbine Hall with a major new...
  11. jenks

    We and Player Piano

    So, i've got both books and have read the first few pages of each. I'm hoping this is going to be an inspired choice. I'm already looking forward to really ploughing on with We in particular. Do we know who is onboard for this one?
  12. jenks

    Industrial Action

    So today I am at home instead of work - The NUT has called its first national strike in 21 years. It has got me thinking - is the strike an outmoded form of protest? Or is it just a that we have been sucked into seeing unions and their actions as outmoded - a throwback to a less'enlightened'...
  13. jenks

    H P Lovecraft

    I have just finished a collection of short stories Call of Cthulhu by Lovecraft. I know he's considered to be a bit special by the Dissensus types round here (in the same way Balllard is) and I was wondering why - I mean I think the stories were ok - a bit over-wraught and decidedly purple in...
  14. jenks

    Foam of the Daze - Boris Vian

    So, i'm twenty pages from teh end and I have enjoyed the read but I have yet to be sure what I feel about the book. It reminds me, in places, of Perec's W (double-vie in French). The way it starts so light, almost whimsical and then turns ever darker in this surealistic world it has created. I...
  15. jenks

    Books I want for Christmas

    On my list is: The third volume of the Picasso Biography by John Richardson The Sinclair edited book London:City of Disappearences Pound's Cantos The Rouleur annual I'm sure there are more but it'll do to get the ball rolling btw i doubt my family will take most of the hints I've been...
  16. jenks

    undelivered mail spam

    I'm not a technological whizz and so am asking for a bit of help here. In the last week my inbox has been clogged up with 'undelivered messages' that have been bounced back to me from all over europe and yet i have not sent these messages in the first place. Anything i can do to end the 20-30...
  17. jenks

    Thomas Hardy

    Inspired by the great reviews for the new Tomalin biography i thought I'd give him another go. ( I also though i'd be fool hardy enough to try and discuss books here again) As a student I never managed to finish any of hi s famous novels and only really started to consider him worthy of any ind...
  18. jenks

    Orphans: Tom Waits clears out his pockets

    What do we make of Tom Waits? I've just got hold of Orphans and i'm starting to think that between him and Newsom and bloggariddims i'm not going to need to listen to anything else between now and christmas! I like the range of Waits - he can be incredibly sentimental and then suddenly come...
  19. jenks

    On Late Style

    A number of different strands have come together recently: The new Dylan album Glenn Gould documentary on Sunday where he talked about the last Bach pieces Roth's recent novels The late Rembrandts in the National Gallery which i have mentioned here before and now Said's work of the same name...
  20. jenks

    Portable DAB players

    It's our wedding anniversary and i read in a book it's bronze or electrical items this year(hmm, yes a bit odd i know but i like to try to do things right) I was thinking of getting my wife DAB radio she can jog with so that she can listen to Radio 4 , the World Service and other such things...