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  1. jenks

    Roiling football blather

    Not when you see how devastating Kante plays in the middle - there was a period in the first half when it looked like they’d given Modric too much room - Mount not coming back and covering that space but by the second half Tuchel plugged that gap and when Pulisic came on Real looked fucked.
  2. jenks

    The Grateful Thread

    Been playing this a lot this week - a sucker for Dark Star stretched out in this cosmic line up but Eyes of the World and China here are equally full on
  3. jenks

    the bowie thread

    Nacho just put this piece up of Bowie and Cher duetting during the Young Americans era. Strangely Dave could remember nothing of his performance- I wonder why?
  4. jenks

    Roiling football blather

    PSG cutting up rough when not going their way. No surprises but I don’t think I’ve seen a side that has so many gifted players who are also so arrogant and petulant.
  5. jenks

    Jonathan Livingston Seagull

    Yes - although I mainly got into it in the mid 80s when it was a remnant of the hippie movement which I revered as much as post-punk (a bizarre hybrid, I know) - footage of it being read at festivals to calm down riotous fans and I saw it very much of a piece with Zen and the Art of Motorcycle...
  6. jenks

    Fleetwood Mac

    Yes - that Patti Smith comparison is spot on - there’s a rasp and knowingness in that delivery. I can imagine Smith starting a song by saying “this is a song about a welsh witch.” But I’m wondering though if Stevie could introduce a song about a beach “where women love other women.”
  7. jenks

    Fleetwood Mac

    Thread needs resurrecting because I’ve been listening to loads of Stevie Nicks and Christine McVee stuff recently and I sense people might be warmer towards FM than this board once was. (@craner excepted) There’s this great 8 minute Gold Dust Woman with a frankly lunatic Mick whacking a cowbell...
  8. jenks


    Dim memories of Pet Shop Boys doing Battleship Potemkin but I might have just made that up.
  9. jenks

    Cover versions that you prefer to the original

    I remember Paul Weller had the temerity to cover Splinters. It was not a success.
  10. jenks

    Tory bastards

    i now have The Lighthouse Family song in my head but 'lifted' replaced with 'fisted' - good work people
  11. jenks

    REWILDING - breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    If wolves could swim to London, they would.,are%20the%20most%20common%20ones.
  12. jenks

    The Weather.

    Don’t know if the combination of wet, cold winter followed by a windy early spring has had an effect but the bluebells this year are absolutely spectacular, I wonder if the chilly spring weather has slowed things down a bit- I don’t think I’ve seen the woods so full of them for years - their...
  13. jenks

    REWILDING - breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    The size of the US National Parks are on another level - with Yellowstone at 9,000 square km - there’s room for seriously large predators to roam.
  14. jenks

    REWILDING - breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    It’s not a solution she came up with - she clearly needs you as a consultant
  15. jenks

    REWILDING - breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    In Tree's Wilding book - she said that larger predators were essential for full re-wilding to take place but that the amount of regulation made it impossible. Factors such as allowing larger animals (deer, cattle etc) to die and letting their carcasses rot and be picked over by carrion feeders...
  16. jenks


    I remember this as the B side to Sat In Your Lap - i didn't realise it was a Donovan song for many years good discussion of it here: on another note, the guy who used to run the second hand record shop i used to...
  17. jenks

    barty's guide to the post-punks

    As always when discussing this stuff I would highly recommend @soundslike1981 who used to post here occasionally- their 1981 mixes are superb and they also put together a great 1979 ‘box set’ that I’d also recommend
  18. jenks

    Roiling football blather

    Poor sod - I’ve scored my fair share of OGs over the years - it’s an horrendous feeling, no one on your own team will look you in the eye. Lonely place indeed.