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    Tech question re "suspicious connections"

    Hi, don't know if anyone can answer this but I can't find a decent answer on the usual tech forums: I just started using Bitdefender, and have got 2 or 3 pop ups (not all together, over a period of a week or so) about a "suspicious connection blocked" with the following detail: "chrome.exe...
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    Speaker stands?

    Dull technical question, but can anyone make recommendations on speaker stands for some monitors, weighing about 7kg? I've got tired of reading online and every single time someone raising doubts about the quality of the stands...there must be some that are relatively inexpensive and do this...
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    Saudi Arabia vs Jeff Bezos

    I'd thought they'd have a lot in common. Cyberhacking doesn't seem so friendly. It's the latest in a seemingly endless succession of weird headlines. The world is really an odd place.
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    New democrats and new media

    I didn't really know what thread to put this in, but I watched this documentary the other night, about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other of the 'new Democrat' candidates who challenged the Democratic establishment in the midterms of 2018: I've...
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    May be a bit of an odd question to pose to a web forum, given the attention-grabbing capacities of these things, but - does anyone have good tips for concentration? The digital age has left my capacity to concentrate in tatters. What to do to recapture at least some of that pre-millennial...
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    RIP Aretha

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    Tech idiocy - laptop batteries

    I feel like a complete technological ignoramus posting this but it's the first time I've had the problem: The battery of my laptop, purchased around 2 1/2 years ago, has suddenly become very unreliable when the machine is not plugged in. What I thought would be a simple procedure, i.e...
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    Body therapies

    OK, at last I got round to doing this.... A space to talk about healing the body, in whatever way you want....Reich, Gestalt, therapeutic breathing, Alexander Technique, mindfulness/mentalisation, improving proprioception....where is trauma and sadness located, and how do you find it and heal...
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    Prose authors who show a clear influence from poetry

    As the title says - any recommendations gladly received, either fiction or non-fiction. Recently I've been enjoying Claudia Rankine's 'Citizen: An American Lyric' (apparently described by some as a book-length poem, but I'd describe it as poetic prose), while David Peace and Olivia Laing are...
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    Artistic interzones

    Inspired by Nomos's much-appreciated posting of K-punk's great Londonunderlondon audiomentary, and this quote: "londonunderlondon, ruff-mixed as it is, needs to be seen as a work in progress. Naturally, it isn’t anything like equal to its inspirations – which number anything from Glenn Gould’s...
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    Hinkley Point

    This stands out as particularly mad in a year of total madness. The augmentation of the unofficial policy that sees UK citizens subsidising government spending in Europe is only the most ironic part...
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    Nice and ongoing terror attacks in W Europe

    After the appalling tragedy yesterday, surely something different needs to happen if anyone is serious about preventing further such attacks and further such loss of civilian life. Not the same old stupid, belligerent responses. I thought this was pretty good in that direction...
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    Automation and the future of work. - "Adidas to make shoes in Germany again - but using robots" I read this at the same time as I was reading "Inventing the Future" by Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams, which I'd recommend to anyone. The basic...
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    Principe Discos/batida/tarraxinha

    Please someone tell me more about this. It's amazing.
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    Virtual realities

    If you're in London this weekend, there's a free exhibition at IMAX in Waterloo of virtual reality documentaries for the Samsung Gear VR: pretty amazing (and pretty horrifying in its implications for what will happen when this technology becomes ubiquitous) if you haven't tried this before...
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    Beyond 12-tone equal temperament - microtonal and other less common musics

    As I understand it, 12-tone equal temperament (12-TET) simply refers to the system used by most Western musics, of dividing each octave into 12 according to a strict mathematical series, so the player can transpose a piece into a different key (eg from C major to G major) and have it sound...
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    Where do you guys get your news from?

    Interested to know - I'm looking primarily for sites with a mix of news and opinion, on the left wing side of things ideally. Anything beyond the obvious major newspapers please
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    Digital pianos

    Can anyone give recommendations for digital pianos under £1000? The choice out there is bewildering. I'm thinking of getting a Yamaha YDP162, as it seems pretty decent, but maybe there's a better option that I haven't come across yet?
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    Thought about work

    I was shocked and appalled to (i) return to work at my office job today; and (ii) be told by two different people that they thought the break over Xmas had been 'too long', and that they were glad to be back at work. Given that said break had been between 10 to 14 days for all concerned (along...
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    'To do' managing applications

    All I want is a simple online app to order the stuff I need to do. Nothing fancy, just something that can pop up in the corner of my screen like a note on my fridge, to save me scribbling down endless stuff on paper or sending emails to myself. It seems like this should be a really easy...