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    Specsavers is dead to me. #GBNews

    I saw some of this on Youtube. The audio’s glitching and way too echoey, the light balance is bolloxed, looks like it’s streamed on a potato, etc – I’ve seen people doing Fleetwood Mac album reviews in their garden with better quality than this. Even Food Dip looks and sounds more professional...
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    Your Journey to the Alt-Right.

    Nah – she does rip into Rastas though (particularly Black Slate) for being anti-abortion. Terrible book, all the same. Apparently she was at Lewisham in ’77, and her and Danny Baker grabbed a bunch of Hitler World Tour T-shirts from a shop in Covent Garden and threw them into the street on...
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    obnoxious people

    Brian Rose
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    Turntup volume 4 has arrived

    Something nice turnt up in t'post this morning (cheers @catalog )
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    Here Come The Stringz

    Perfect boozy blues / setting out the beartraps music. Normally find violins boring, unless you call them 'fiddles', and then you've got a good ceili/cajun/zydeco party going on. If that's all a bit too upbeat, try "Threnody For The Victims Of Hiroshima"
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    Who are the working class?

    Is professional football not work? Do you think working class musicians who make lots of money when their careers take off automatically become middle class?
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    Are people reponsible for their actions

    Had a long chat the other day with a freelancer I work with, and she mentioned her cousin who'd suffered brain damage after a moped accident, and had lost all inhibitions about sex. So, after the crash, he would be chatting to people from work, or at family gatherings, and saying, "Yeah had a...
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    Death begins at 40

    For me, the biggest change is when people ask you about cars. Up until 40, if anyone asked if I had a car, I’d say “No, I live minutes from the tube… it’s pointless owning a car in London and getting screwed on insurance”, and think nothing more of it. NOW, when I say that, I feel like I’m...
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    The Decline of the Chat Show

    I used to watch The James Whale Radio Show every Friday night– remember the ‘Satanic heavy metal’ expose’, the singer from The Mission getting trolleyed and throwing his shoes around the studio, and the ‘interview with Colin Moynihan’ where they just pushed an Action Man into the toilet with a...
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    being mean and rude because someone is kind and polite

    Actually, that is a useful skill, and can be funny. I really thought this during Lockdown 1.0 but it seems to have gone to shit this year. Well, round my way anyway.
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    being mean and rude because someone is kind and polite

    For a cishet male, I have one hell of a catty inner diva. It's a terrible strain to be polite, sometimes! But I keep her in check by writing mean things about musicians (including the ones I like). Some people can keep up a polite, calm outer appearance while mercilessly winding up others...
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    Adverts Music

    Death by car's always a good one
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    Cover versions that you prefer to the original

    I remember Crowleyhead writing "Like America, The Stranglers were never great" - so maybe not the best bet for Dissensus...:ROFLMAO:but always preferred this to Dionne's original. The cover artwork gives the impression they're going to do some knockaround 'wacky' punk cover of the old...
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    Adverts Music

    Yep, them's the twats. Just YT'd it...even worse than I remember :sick:
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    Adverts Music

    Oh yeah, they blew up at the time. Think Flat Eric made some TV appearances as well. Babylon Zoo even got into Melody Maker. Wasn't there some US grunge-type band that came out of nowhere from a jeans ad in the mid-90s and put out an album off the back of it?
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    Adverts Music

    I forgot about the Fall car advert! Remember seeing it and thinking "Sounds like a Fall rip-off" , though I'd already drifted away from them after 'Levitate' and the big split after the NYC gig punch-up... Another massive one was "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" by The Clash which got reissued...
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    Just finished another two... Scored 'Valis' on eBay and am keen to get stuck into it next.
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    Adverts Music

    "Theme" by PiL was allegedly used by British Airways in the early '80s in a scrapped advert, but I've never seen any of evidence of this. I remember hearing 'Nervous Breakdown' by Black Flag in a mobile ad some time in the 2000s, and am sure 'Where Eagles Dare' by the Misfits (minus the...
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    High Rise

    Bring on the sexbots. I kind of preferred Concrete Island to High Rise.
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    Are you hard?

    Dunno, I heard he had a meaty right hook? What bit of his face would you even aim at?