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  1. Dusty

    Peter Rehberg has passed away

    I have no words.
  2. Dusty

    Peter Rehberg has passed away

    Terrible news, he leaves behind an incredible contribution to music. KTL played very loud for the rest of the morning.
  3. Dusty

    field recordings - breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    Chris Watson crops up on the current issue of Electronic Sounds, which is a field recording special.
  4. Dusty

    Why does the left hate crypto so much?

    The core of crypto-twitter historically is very white, US-based, Libertarian. With that comes some baggage. They were pro-Trump, they are pro-gun, they are misogenistic, there's a high incidence of people on the spectrum, incels. Who else would have been taking big risks buying alternative tech...
  5. Dusty


    Guilty as charged. I hoard digital files of the once-rare vinyl releases I never owned, or even worse, sold off and regret. I take the time to add the artwork and everything so it shows up nicely in my media player. When I went for career advice at school they said I should be a librarian, and...
  6. Dusty


    There is a middle ground, which is just pumping FLAC files through your stereo instead. I once had thousands of CDs and records, but sold almost all of them after ripping the lot to hard drives. They were expensive to manufacture, so always costly to buy. Also, and I doubt this impacted on...
  7. Dusty


    I have a 40 year old friend who has never stopped, those tall thin racks of CDs on proud display in the open plan dining room. It's like the last decade of technological advances has passed him by, and why not... it becomes tiring to keep up. It's like a time capsule. I'd forgotten what it's...
  8. Dusty


    It's savage. Describes perfectly several people I know. The moment you see the thread title, you whisper 'Moon Safari'.
  9. Dusty


    Just sayin'
  10. Dusty


    The drummer Simon Scott remixed it as well, and I think it's even better than the Avalon Emerson version, or the original for that matter.
  11. Dusty


    Has the discussion already been had about just how good the comeback Slowdive album was? Because it was good, incredibly good... I can't think of another band making such a strong statement 20 years later.
  12. Dusty

    weirdes fanfictions on

    I went to school with a lad who spent his evenings writing wrestling (WWF, WWE? whatever) fan fiction. No one else had the remotest interest in wrestling because we were a: 16 years old and b: country bumpkins living in the depths of Dorset. So he was pretty isolated in his passion. This was the...
  13. Dusty

    An Englishman's home is his castle Spatial apartheid. I'd not heard this phrase before but it fits the UK very well. We've been doing it for decades, just refining into a fine art now.
  14. Dusty


    If you haven't had a cocaine-battered Mars bar you haven't lived.
  15. Dusty

    Where to now?

    My 70-something father, after a lifetime of voting Conserative, switched to the Green party in the 2019 election. An oddity in a sea of blue.
  16. Dusty

    obnoxious people

    Does Katie Hopkins count? Sharpening her opinions to antagonise the most people and gain airtime through notoriety, opinions so vulgar that half her own faction are forced to disown her (like J Clarkson on steriods). Obnoxiousness as a career. A professional obnoxious.
  17. Dusty


    I struggle with some of the more recent Yves Tumor work, but this track floored me. Stunning.
  18. Dusty

    An Englishman's home is his castle

    When I look at good suburban US architecture (admittedly made out of wood and blown away easily in a tornado) I can't fathom how we keep getting it so wrong. I know lack of space has driven us into smaller and smaller plots, but even so. I feel this deserves a place here, although the London...
  19. Dusty

    Dissensus Raw: The Compilation - A Thread

    Nailed it.
  20. Dusty

    Dissensus Raw: The Compilation - A Thread

    For the cover, may I suggest using something generative like Artbreeder to avoid copyright issues? (Here's one I rustled up as a quick example) Or do we have any budding photographers willing to share their work?