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    anybody checking this out? today kyle hall. sunday looks good: dj godfather, larry heard, dj pierre etc etc. and monday there's model 500 & kenny larkin. i just arrived in detroit last night and literally bumped into carl craig, juan atkins and mad mike, it was weirdly dreamlike, as a techno...
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    Old vs new

    I started going out at the very beginning of the 90s, to "normal" provincial nightclubs, then london clubs playing rave, hardcore, techno, and some underground raves. Since then I've been playing and attending clubs and festivals where techno, house, electro, jungle etc were played. I will...
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    Hip Hop with TR909

    ...but not hip house. Mantronix - loads of tracks Schoolly D - loads of tracks MC Shan - MC Space probably various Mantronix productions for Just Ice as well. any more good 909 hip hop?
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    ADSL filters

    Can anyone tell me why I have to replace the filter on my phoneline all the time? Sometimes they only last a few hours, sometimes several weeks but never more than a couple of months, then the internet goes really slow. If I buy a more expensive filter, is it likely to last longer? thanks tech...
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    Elephant Man lyrics

    I hope someone here can help, I want to play the song "Elephant Man Elephant Man" from the LP Comin 4 You but I don't understand what he's saying all the way through. Don't want to play homophobic/hateful lyrics.... as far as I can tell it's just cartoon violence in this song, not aimed at a...
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    Politician with some principles? Or am I missing something? Seems to be talking sense in a non-points-scoring way. I expect he will lose any bye-eection because it seems the majority of voters believe that they will be protected from terrorism by giving the govt. the right...
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    Kraftwerk doc on Radio 4 right now

    Sounds good so far!
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    UR Back on form!

    I just got the Electronic Warfare V2.0 triple pack. I had just about given up on UR, the music getting worse and the hypocrisy of going on about sticking it to the man whilst screwing their fans with alternate B-sides over different formats, CD-only tracks, etc etc. But this is a real return...
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    Other tunings

    We are having some interesting chat about harmony and tuning over in the Thought section. So I want to know what music people like that isn't based on standard (equal tempered) tunings. I really like some Mongoliam music, gamelan stuff from Java etc... also I really like it when analogue...
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    Alan Johnston released

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    Roger Linn

    So the other day there was this documentary on Radio 4 about Roger Linn, who made the first digital drum machine, as used by Prince and everybody else and changing music forever. Here's the link: And here's a request - can anyone convert this...
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    Anyone seen this? Any good?
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    Ebay item of the year

    Somehow this made me...I really wanted it....
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    OK I suppose this is a UK thing. And it's 50% a joke and 50% serious. What class do you think you are? As a child I can remember my mother sitting me down and telling me we were "lower middle class". We had a detached house in a village and i went to a private school on a scholarship place cos...
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    Right now on Radio 4, UK folks... In Our Time about Karl Popper, could be interesting.....
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    I was reading some comments near the beginning of the Pazz & Jop thread about how the charts are more indie-dominated or rock-dominated these days and I started looking for some statistics. Basically I thought it would be instructive to look at (say) the top 10 singles of each year from 1985 to...
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    Great cover versions

    Jose Feliciano doing "California Dreaming" especially when he loses it in Spanish at the end, and also the background hiss on the recording which sounds like lawn sprinklers outside in summer. yours?
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    Black Science FIction

    I thought this was the best album of last year, why no mention on here? What do you lot think? I mean i think it's just incredible.
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    Bird Flu in London

    Check it out:
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    OK I know balearic refers to a group of islands so balearic music means tunes that were popular in ibiza or whatever, but I like it as a term meaning "tunes that were not made with clubs in mind but were massive in clubs" is this definition unique to me? obvious ones: Manuel Gottsching - E2E4...