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    scelsi's improvisation tapes

    scelsi's two-ondiola setup what mythical, impossible and obscure recordings would i like to listen to, given the chance? the big bang the shriek of medusa j. s. bach's improvisations * the telepathic thought of animals converted to human language giacinto scelsi's improvisations this last...
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    gardening tips/help

    i'll start with my sick ficus. its leaves are turning yellow and falling off from the bottom up (the leaves and stem are otherwise healthy). i water it very lightly now and the shedding has abated somewhat, i also changed the soil and pot from a plastic thing to ceramic but i wonder if this is...
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    ashra/manuel göttsching

    so, ashra roughly 1974 to 1978. manuel götsching's inventions, paris downers, new age of earth, blackouts, the private sessions issued much later but containing incredible versions from the period. this stage of mr. göttsching's music seems so appropriate to this age of crisp hubble images and...
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    penguin great ideas series

    i picked up a gibbon extract from the decline and fall of the roman empire and a compilation of texts by francis bacon, the latter very illuminating. i like the intention and above all the attention to presentation of the series, some of the covers are truly beautiful. if there is any...
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    keith jarrett

    another case of i didn't like and now i do, i'm deep into tribute and standards. tell me what is dear to your heart and what is avoidable, i'm wary of the super prolific but intrigued.
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    i always found his work too dramatic, pathetic, it didn't suit my temperament. then last week i came face to face with a few of his paintings, notably judith beheading holophernes. what incredible violence and erotism! the association of the two is something i could not understand in my youth, i...
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    lenny dee gems

    the man is super prolific. noah mentions he had a hand in fallout (of the morning after fame), and surprise surprise it was right under my nose on the influences cd credits. what a lovely tune. another cherished (due to personal experience, it's really quite fucked up) tune of his is an acid...
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    epic crescendoes and comedowns

    i live for this sort of thing. the last headfuck for me has been sally shapiro's hold me so tight. near the middle of the song the synths take over and elevate into bliss-space, really transcendent and wonderful in a stars in the desert night sort of way. it's such a simple mechanism, it's...
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    films you've seen recently and would NOT recommend

    hard candy. unbelievably cruel, implausible, morally wrong, ikea furnished filth like i have never seen before. the whole thing reeks of misandry, it's sickening. as if relations between the sexes aren't difficult enough. how bad is it that i was cheering for the paedophile and wanted to see...
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    plants, they exist

    there was this one time i lived with people and relationships were severely strained, a very depressing time. when this happened i noticed the few plants we had stopped growing or whithered and died. this was the exact moment i realised they were living things. to be fair i didn't notice my...
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    the flute

    i was thinking about the flute after listening to xhol's grille today. there is something about the sound of this instrument that i find very humble and innocent (if that is possible). when i hear flutes i feel instantly at ease, swept into a different space, like an old friend. it's almost as...
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    RIP pinochet

    car horns (of joy?) going off in the street outside my apartment. weeping old ladies outside the military hospital on tv. oh no, not this again. a lot of hardcore supporters became disaffected with pinochet, not because of the mass killings or dissapearances but because of the bank accounts...
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    in the face of horror, defiance.
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    half awake / half asleep

    this year i've experienced the strangest thing.. that in the space between being awake and asleep i have at least a couple of times had to struggle with something that pins me down to the bed, immobilising my arms and oppressing me. a disturbing penomenon. having zero experience with this sort...
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    music sounds better with effects, imo

    bought the spanish mars reissue to replace my completely decaying atavistic 78+ cd, only to find there is no reverb :confused: i should have known as the no new york tracks were raw, but then i had that on a very bad quality cassette. anyway, i liked the reverb or whatever effect they subjected...
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    saddam hussein sentenced to hang

    wrong on so many levels. done under the occupation = will be seen as illegitimate for ever and ever. done at this particular moment in time = guaranteed all out civil war. it creates a martyr. we won't be able to read his memoirs. he should have been smuggled to the french riviera, etc etc. i...
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    the aphex twin destroyed my brain

    and my brother's too. the head fucking drone of digeridoo, the wide-eyed utopia of selected ambient works I, the vast inner planes of selected ambient works II. a soundtrack to a life of intense love, thought, exploration, escapism, the glimpse of possibilities that in hindsight were a...
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    lord of the flies

    i find i'm having to swat 10-15 of these little beasts every day. i have no idea where they're coming from, why they chose my home, etc. i have nothing against insects, btw, i just wish they would fuck off. suggestions on how to kill/get rid of them would be welcome!
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    disco re-edits

    this is the only thing i'm getting out of bed for now. standouts mc1 = memory control one basic (1983), reissue starts with a synth cloud hovering close-encounters style over you, goes on to pied piper-esque keyboard workouts, all very cosmic. disco galaxia (completely illegal bootleg, 2006)...
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    24 hours from culture

    fairly blown away by this, a refurbishing of a 1981 track by new musik, a band i'm not familiar with at all. this version is moody disco, very nocturnal. i'm dying to hear the original.