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  1. Sectionfive

    Sectionfive Radio

    Monthly over on Dublin Digital Radio so will pop episodes here for anyone interested April's show here on the intergalactic beach vibes Station is great btw with lots of good talented folk involved...
  2. Sectionfive

    Who Sampled - Six Degrees of Seperation

    Hours of nerd fun, very cool
  3. Sectionfive

    Radio is magic

    I am a big fan of radio and its various modern incarnations. There is a lot of shit talk about people now having everything on demand and 'consumers' wanting to cherry pick the best tunes from an album and all that. In parallel, words like 'curate' have been debased by all sorts of...
  4. Sectionfive

    Sectionfive - Carlow to Chicago

    Mix recorded for one the nights here in town. Good few up and coming Irish producers among the names. Download here and stream below MynameisjOhn & God Knows - Standard Shriekin' Specialist - Stark Fono One -...
  5. Sectionfive

    NTS Radio

    Find myself listening to this more than any other station for the last two year or so. Not a bad selector on there playing interesting music, great vibe that can easily can put it up to the all-star cast over on rinse. What do ye think?
  6. Sectionfive

    House and techno 2014

    2013 was best year in a long time imo. Apartment have some more nice bits lined up This should be in the nerd credibility thread, definitely, but what is the difference between house and techno? Mad to be even asking in public...
  7. Sectionfive

    Nelson Mandela

    All getting quite unedifying isn't it. Though will probably be nothing compared to what comes after. Been reading a lot of old parliamentary debates & newspapers. At least people were consistent in their contempt for Thatcher but there has been some shift in official attitudes the ANC an all...
  8. Sectionfive

    Comin in with the mix and blend

    Easy as it would be to blow a few hundred quid if you had it. A flick though boomkat can be fairly grim. The last decade has thrown up a lot of parallels in that where previously the MC came to dominate, it's now the producer. You can count on two hands the DJs who blew up on DJing alone and I...
  9. Sectionfive

    Embeding souncloud

    Killing the OCD in me lately :)
  10. Sectionfive

    recomend some DJs

    I've been off down various retro rabbit holes the last year or two and stopped checking most of what happening bar a handful of the usual suspects. Who's pushing it on the ones and twos these days?
  11. Sectionfive

    30 minute Garage mix

    Half hour I strung together for the radio last night. SkyJoose - Your Love ??? Mr Reds - Closer Chris Mack - My Love Elite Crew - Timeless Groove Y-Tribe - Enough Is Enough(Gonzales Mix) Underground Solution - Moving Underground US Alliance - All I...
  12. Sectionfive

    Demo 2011

    Crazy year. Tunisiafffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff Egypt BahrainfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffSyria...
  13. Sectionfive

    (mix) Sectionfive 80_160

    Recorded this earlier trying to snare a festival slot. Might as well post it up as it could be another year before I get around to recording anything again... The first half is part of mix I've been working that goes back to beat-mixing tunes at different tempos. Its been good to get away from...
  14. Sectionfive

    Decorah Eagles - Live

    Addicted to this the last few days. Following a pair of eagles in their nest since in 2007. Hatching, bringing home prey, protecting the nest and fighting off intruders. Amazing creatures
  15. Sectionfive


    6.3! :eek: Not looking good down under. Looks alot bigger then before. Think NZ dissenians are in North Island but hope you and yours are safe.
  16. Sectionfive

    East German socialism in pictures circa 1987

    Some great stuff on this site. These are really good. Could be heading this way again, you'd never know.
  17. Sectionfive

    The Velvet Rope

    I was going to put this in the hall of shame thread. But I was just thinking does any have any experience with these kinda clubs or having to play for these kinda people ?
  18. Sectionfive

    Bebo. Worth $850M two years ago. Now worth nothing.

    And Facebook anounced its first profits last year. Michael Birch must be laughing AOL prepares to shut down Bebo
  19. Sectionfive

    The end of Optimo

    Sort of... sad news all the same. Two of the hardest working djs Ive every seen.
  20. Sectionfive

    Mix cd question

    Is there a way burn a mix onto a cd, but add markers so you can skip through tracks like a normal cd ?