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  1. shiels

    Twitter style and tone

    Do you hate it like me. What do you hate most? This hate is a feature not bug isn’t it? what does thinking in tweets do to people? There’s something very dishonest. Is that about a collapse of nuance?
  2. shiels

    Book Club #1: RETREAT It's only right we start with this one @Corpsey's idea which means he's definitely in, as is @catalog. @luka has already read it, and also went to the launch to mingle with the stars. Heart eyes emoji if you'd...
  3. shiels

    Smartphone addiction

    Another way to put it is the phone is home now. and I don't like it, I'm addicted and I don't like it. I'd like to try to cut it out completely but there are some things that prevent me: work mainly, also whatsapp, spotify, citymapper and dating apps. Do you have any techniques to reduce time on...
  4. shiels


    The place to call out lurkers and force them to participate
  5. shiels

    Self help

    OK I decided I’m a guru. Might as well be. I don’t have any expertise yet but I understand and believe at a very deep level that I’m here to show people the way. That’s the important thing. Was hoping you all could help out with some of the tips and hacks or just some encouragement. What do I...
  6. shiels

    Exquisite bits in disposable pop

    Just heard some bits i love in otherwise mostly bad songs on the radio. I love when the chorus drops in this, but already dont like it once its repeated the synth that appears around 1.25 here the breakdown at 2.35
  7. shiels

    About us

    Who wrote this thing at the bottom? Is it default text? “Our community has been around for many years and pride ourselves on offering unbiased, critical discussion among people of all different backgrounds. We are working every day to make sure our community is one of the best.” Do you agree...
  8. shiels

    F A N T A S I E S

    I was just listening to a song and started daydreaming about being on stage and my dance moves were blowing minds. Then I made eye contact with a girl and gave her a smirk and then carried on blowing minds. Tell us some of yours!
  9. shiels


    Do you sing? Not for others just the spontaneous eruption maybe because you feel great or just like a song a lot. I do when I’m in a great mood. In the best moods I make up songs. I can find other people singing very comforting, my dad singing nonsense enraged me as a teenager and now I love it...
  10. shiels

    Totally exquisite bits in jungle

    Old raver youtube comment levels of adoration very much welcomed with your choices
  11. shiels

    Dissensus Zine

    The final form for the good threads, long posts and upcoming blogs We have enough writers, editors, music journalists, artists but need a lot more diversity We need designers and photographers I think just digital. bi-annual html5 single page scrolling sectioned out well would do the trick...
  12. shiels


    Life is cringeworthy now isn’t it? It’s cringeworthy to be alive, to exist and be exposed and to occupy space at this time with you all. This will be a cringeworthy thread. You’re all quite embarrassing and I’m embarrassed for you, and myself. What is cringing about? How is it different than...
  13. shiels

    “You’ll like this mate!”

    Will I? Let’s see. Or “wait til you hear this, it’s hilarious!” Why do I hate it? Is it a pathetic little anti authority thing? Is it about the expectation to enjoy creating disappointment? A resistance to being understood? I’ll throw in fireworks and singing happy birthday here. Maybe...
  14. shiels

    When are you an interesting writer?

    You can sometimes be an interesting writer, can’t you? When? Under what conditions? I’m interested in the types of places you were in when you wrote things that you felt were meaningful or succeeded in some way. And it doesn’t have to be published stuff, it could be text messages or tweets. I’m...
  15. shiels

    Psychedelic Research

    There seems to be much more research into the transformative qualities of psychedelics (taken in the right context) over the past few years. Especially for the treatment of depression, anxiety and addiction. It's about time they were taken seriously again, people seem to have learnt from the...
  16. shiels

    [Belfast] Gemmy @ the Menagerie, Belfast

    Dunno if there are that many in ireland on here but anyway.. Really excited to have Gemmy over, should be a belter!
  17. shiels

    Greek Riots The third night of riots, spreading to 4 cities. Christmas tree burnt in athens city centre! warms my heart. any on Dissensus involved?
  18. shiels

    Brooker on 9/11 conspiracies I was linked to this on another forum and immediately thought of dissensus because i know a lot of you are fans of Brooker and skeptical of the FOX news account of events.