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  1. mos dan

    songs which mention several local areas in quick succession

    that. there must be lots of them? from lots of different parts of the world, and eras. i've just been listening to this rip of tanya stephens' the other cheek, over and over (towards the end, around 2:45) Well white hall and Red...
  2. mos dan


    limerence hurts innit i didn't know it was called limerence. incredible that a rational human being - for example, erm, there's this friend of mine, let's call him 'mas don' - can suffer from this. what evolutionary purpose does it serve? to answer my own...
  3. mos dan

    [LDN] Night Slugs - Roska, Scratcha, Ill Blu, D-Malice 03/12/09

    The Fantastic 4 in one building!! East Village, 9pm-2am Free before 10.30pm, only £3 after! LIVE PAs on the night ROSKA & JAMIE GEORGE - Wonderful Day ILL BLU - Rider DVA ft ALAHNA - I'm Leaving D MALICE...
  4. mos dan

    NIGHT SLUGS @ THE EGG - 19 June - 10pm-6am - INSANE line-up!

    RSVP "yes" to get straight on the concessions list here: Free entry before 11!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ audio: BOK BOK mixtape for LuckyMe...
  5. mos dan

    Thu 14 May - NIGHT SLUGS ft. Terror Danjah & Egyptrixx!!!

    Usual badman residents Bok Bok, L-Vis1990, and Manara, plus extreeeeeeemely SPECIAL GUESTS Terror Danjah and Egyptrixx. 9pm-3am £3 all night East Village, Old Street (MAP)
  6. mos dan

    30/1/09 - NIGHT SLUGS - Kode9, Mak10, D Malice, Jackmaster!!!

    who's on it??? who needs information??? fyi there is a free bus service that runs from king's cross - from the bottom of york way - to the egg and back again, for those that don't know. if you haven't been to the egg before, it's absolutely bonkers. the smoking area is like the big brother...
  7. mos dan

    [LDN] Night Slugs: 18 DEC: Lil Silva, Ikonika, Oneman, Bok Bok, L-Vis1990!

    FACT feature and Bok Bok b2b L-Vis 1990 promo mix So so excited for this now! Tonight! Totally free! 9pm-3am. Line up of the year, basically! :D At East Village, right next to Old St tube.
  8. mos dan

    Dalston/Hackney/Stokey news

    Horribly parochial I know, but I don't see why this thread shouldn't exist, given how many members live in or at least frequent the area. Basically I just wanted to start a thread in which I could mourn the loss of The Yucatan pub on Kingsland Road. Apparently it was closed down last week for...
  9. mos dan

    Weird things crawling on your face in the middle of the night

    PART 1 - Weta Okay, when my mate lived in New Zealand he had one of these fall on his face in the middle of the night "Weta can bite with powerful mandibles." It was as wide as his hand-span. Can you beat that? "Weta may have survived virtually unchanged since the Mesozoic era, although...
  10. mos dan

    Gardening zeal on Radio Five Live "A lot of people are really getting into vegetables now" It's on air now, or you can listen back to Nick Wallis from midnight onwards 8/08/08 for the next week - they're really going gung-ho with their gardening chat in a way that's so incredibly british. It's...
  11. mos dan

    Racists and rock festivals

    Should we be surprised about this story: Christ, I really wish I could say I was shocked, but somehow from some corner of the metal community its really not that surprising. And after the undertones of the Jay-Z and...
  12. mos dan

    Euro 2008 - we support our local team

    Alright, whose excited? I'm actually genuinely pleased that England aren't in it this time, because (a) we don't deserve to be, and (b) it will give me a chance to concentrate on enjoying the football and ignore the associated misery of an England bid. I will be supporting the motherland of...
  13. mos dan

    My Fellow Americans - Book Launch Party - Wed 28 May

    At the beginning of 2008 writer Dan Hancox and artist Tom Humberstone spent 9,000 miles and seven weeks following the US Presidential Election on the ground, road-tripping through 24 states of the union, hanging out with POWs, Katrina survivors, vampires and Chelsea Clinton. Their blog...
  14. mos dan

    NIGHT SLUGS TWO - Redstar, LDN - Fri 25 May

    Time Out on Night Slugs One: Night Slugs Two on Friday: Night Slugs MySpace, with mixes, previews and Dexplicit exlusives: This is how ridiculously heavy the first one was: Who's reaching...
  15. mos dan

    East London yoof trouble

    just because I didn't want it to clog up the grime thread: apologies for dropping that in without an explanation, i should have known ppl would be interested/concerned. the online version of this article is a complete mess, but i interviewed a bow-based paramedic last year, and he said that...
  16. mos dan

    *NIGHT SLUGS* 28 March 08

    The movement finds a home @ the legendary Redstar, Camberwell 4x4 / heavy bass / gutter house soundsystem party!!!!!! Get ready to dance again!
  17. mos dan

    My Fellow Americans - Blogging The Primaries, Take 2

    My first attempt to do a little shameless self-promo ended in tears before bedtime from a certain now-banned Dissensus poster; indeed the thread had to be frozen before my election roadtrip had even begun. If you want to know how it got locked you can find out here...
  18. mos dan

    My Fellow Americans - Dissensian roadtrip

    Hello dissensians. Me and my good friend the artist Tom Humberstone ( are travelling around the USA's key electoral states following and blogging the US election! Starting in a little over two weeks! Please subscribe to the feed! And come hang out with us, the Americans...
  19. mos dan

    Essay Crises

    As requested by Pangaea ( I had a lot of these at uni. Sadly I still do, except now they're called deadlines. I am fundamentally a lazy person, but always respond to a deadline - always at the last minute. The essay crisis mentality is...
  20. mos dan

    Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein

    just wanted to show a bit of love for this, i've been going through a phase of rinsing it again. six years old and still as now as ever. it doesn't look like it will ever be repeated or followed up either, sadly. i remember reading an awesome review of it in the nme (of all things) when it...