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    favourite wiley non-sequiturs

    I've got a passport
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    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    Still in the studio at least I suppose!
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    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    chatting about god and feeding his kids now
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    UKG revival (again)

    Need the master Gurley back tho
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    UKG revival (again)

    Was in a patrol station last year and the teenager behind the till was singing along to a Monsta Boy refix on commercial radio. Sypro was #1 on the charts with one of the world's biggest pop stars, Ed Sheeran, there was that Wiley Nikki collab, BenUFO blowing up Dekmantal with a Champion record...
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    After the lockdown ...

    Thoughts here from a friend of mine are fairly on the ball By contrast, Head of the World Bank on Monday said
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    Tory bastards

    Did someone post a 1980s video of Theresa May in lift recently?
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    Trip to Galway

    Hi Leo, only getting to this now. So Galway is a small city on the west coast. Big student and artist population. Recent times have eroded some of the bohemian vibe but it remains one of the most culturally Gaelic parts of the country. Festival 'season' kicks off this month and runs more less...
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    RIP Keith Flint, The Prodigy.

    The formative band for me. Completely entwined in growing up and everything since. Smiled on reading today that in these days of 'Berlin based' and when many peers have moved to exotic places, Keith was living in Essex to this day. What a scene that town produced in the 90s
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    Amazing TV performances

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    Novara Media

    NM is certainly a different beast now to the beginnings of a couple of students enamoured with Italian anarchism. I don't really keep up with much of their output now, some things were well thought out while others have definitely not been. They had some good guests when it was just the...
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    Extinction Rebellion

    I have some issues on watching that graun vid
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    UK EU Referendum Aftermath

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    Sectionfive Radio

    Back after a bit of uh, hiatus. Good hour of chunky 808 and sax >
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    jamaica has been coopted, it's SOLElY naff now

    surely babylon has always existed within, beside and against jamaican music
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    Great 4x4 Garage

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    Post your Consciousness Classics

    Going to chuck Trent's tribute to Knuckles in here given its DNA