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    Beer And Beer Drinking

    i thought you didn't drink?
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    always a magic moment when they turn on the fountains, marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring.
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    Miracles.of tiktok

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    Miracles.of tiktok

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    yeh my criticism is infantile to be honest. i wouldn't be surprised if i do start to appreciate it when i get older but i also believe in the scenario that with every new generation the interest in this kind of art will decline.
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    i don't like that kind of paintings but i feel like i can't really say why. it's just that every museum i go into i see the same depressing biblical paintings, with the naked breasts and the pale skin. the museums are full of them. they're all dusty and old looking. it makes me think of the...
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    what do you like about this?
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    Overheard conversations/monologues

    i was in a train last sunday and it was 11 in the morning. an old guy sat down in the row of chairs besides me, opened half can of beer, and started video calling someone. this person answered his phone call with "heyyyy you old fart" and the guy in the train said "pssss, not so loud, i have you...
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    that is also true yes
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    that's so sad :(
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    Wuhan Killer Sneeze (thanks Tea)

    there were some unexpected, unforeseen side-effects though? and some of them have only been discovered recently, such as women experiencing changes in their menstrual cycle.
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    american places have nice names dream house river dale staten island breezy point
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    out of curiosity, how is your sense of direction, or orientation?
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    fairfield porter - clothesline it's just so pleasing to look at
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    well, that explains why i don't remember anything!
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    Post drawings you have done

    came across this and had a go at it, one of my best works so far.
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    how much do you drink in a normal week?

    how much orange juice can you drink?
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    how much do you drink in a normal week?

    what do you guys think of alcohol free beer? i've been off the alcohol the last two weeks and i think i must've drunk a bottle of 30 alcohol free beers by now. the thing is, if you're out with friends or just in any fun social situation where you would normally drink beer, you can't just drink...
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    Capitalist Realism & economics

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    The Matrix vs Ghostbusters

    trailer of the new one just out, doesn't really look that interesting.