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    2krazy-back_to_the_roots -

    just clocked this and thought I'd share... Damage - Love Lady (Groove Chronicles Remix) Blaze - Check One ft. Juiceman Horsepower Productions - Electro Bass Deffanition - Estate Krafty Kuts - Dangerous Same People - Dangerous Remix Trick or Treat - The Horns Dub War - Murderous Style Ghost -...
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    Saddam gets his just rewards... ...happy nu year Iraq peace...
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    The last gig you went to...

    ...or at least paid to go to was it worth the admission price ???
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    Mel Gibson - APOCALYPTO

    Could this be the movie I've been wanting to see made for most of my life ???...i hope so Having long been fascinated by all things meso american that even to see an approximation in all its hideous glory has me breathless in anticipation
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    Font help

    does anyone know what the dmz font is ?
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    Did you ever think that on going back to a choice made in the past and choosing the opposite, the results to your life would have been different ? Somewhere in your life can you pinpoint an event which defined you and your destiny depending on which path you chose to follow ? Or in spite of...
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    I'm revolting !

    no, this isn't some angsty emo thing about self hate and cutting myself. I'm actually looking for some suggestions for things to revolt against. Does anyone have a good cause I can put my considerable volume of net shit talk behind ? Preferably something high profile yet low, common and non...
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    When will it stop ?

    the discrimination against digital labels and MP3/wav/flac. It still seems that as much as vinyl is becoming more and more niche and boutique, CD sales are dropping and digital downloads are forever on the rise, broadcasters still won't play anything if it doesn't come in the traditional...
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    Jackass - the sequel

    I haven't seen the first, probably won't see the second but caught snippets of wild boys, viva la bam and jackass on the telly. All I wanted to say is if someone could do a reality urban stalk, capture, torture and kill show that shows these guys in their final moments begging for life but to...
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    The wave function

    Everything is now and You are here ! That only leaves one other option if it were not true. You are not here and everything is not now, meaning you are dead ! The super position of all states then would be, you are dead, as all possibilites are probable given infinite time but you don't have...
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    the hardcore continuum

    What is it ? Is there an absolute definition of it ? Is it strictly a UK thing ?
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    Digital mystics

    Mystics do not see a different reality, but they see the wiring inside the wireless circuits. Mystics see structures of information and energy as it flows, a self-luminous tangle that can only be described using metaphors and symbols. Paradox is the language of the unconscious, which is why...
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    Myspace to sell music online using paypal

    NY times article We all knew it was bound to happen. So I wonder if they're going to start charging cyber-rent soon for people with a music page but not selling ?
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    Should Iran have nuclear technology ?

    Is it not the right of every nation to pursue technology which will provide secure energy for their citizens beyond the era of reliance on fossil fuels regardless of their religious beliefs ? Would it not serve the interests of peace in the region to have an indigenously appointed neutral...
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    primo pashing mixtape

    a VERY well mixed 192 bit mashup of neo classic r'n b to help you and that special someone get thru the hot summer nights with... ...or just bump it in your ride!!! The Primo Pashing Mixtape By Morockafella 1. Intro (S T Hira) 2. Groove Theory- Tell me 3. Shades - Tell me your name 4...
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    What scares you ???

    "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of...
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    children of the revolution

    don't you just hate growing up and becoming the very thing you hated, fought and rebelled against as a kid ??? don't you feel like such a hypocrite when you put your shirt and tie on and look in the mirror or when you have to shake the mans hand and kiss his ass ??? don't you wish you could be...
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    Hell_SD self-promtion thread

    so i ripped homeless from its myspace burial ground and did this to it... ...the pollywog depth of hell mix :cool: Download your file: I'll post the straight version if anybody wants to hear it but I was thinking of crackling it and haunting it out some...
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    Best band logo

    ...back before photoshop, freehand and lightwave graphic artists had to draw band logos these IMHO are a couple of the best... well keen to see others favourites and I'm sure more will spring to mind but I'm going of stuff i remember from my childhood to start with you can't...
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    Ripping tunes from myspace

    How do i do it and does anyone know what quality it streams at ???